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Runnning Room

Triple A Run/Walk - Windsor


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Bib Number Name City Province
Del's Bals    
Delia Bal Tecumseh Ontario
Del Bal Tecumseh Ontario
Rania Bal Tecumseh Ontario
Arjun Bal Tecumseh Ontario
Cramp’n Up    
Mike Cavanaugh windsor Ontario
Joel Lamont windsor Ontario
Rhodri Goodall windsor Ontario
Carl Alford windsor Ontario
Dhar family    
Anil Dhar Lasalle Ontario
Heemal Dhar Lasalle Ontario
Anmol Dhar Lasalle Ontario
Ankur DHar Lasalle Ontario
Bloodbath and Beyond    
Melissa Farrah Windsor Ontario
Peter Jraije Windsor Ontario
Dana Gatto Windsor Ontario
Nathan Hammett Tecumseh Ontario
Marlene Gingras Tecumseh Ontario
Greg Gingras Tecumseh Ontario
Ryan Gingras Tecumseh Ontario
Joseph Gingras Tecumseh Ontario
Brad and Friends    
Brad Greenslade Windsor Ontario
Wendi Greenslade Windsor Ontario
Virginia Hills Windsor Ontario
William Greenslade Windsor Ontario
Khristina Hocson Brampton Ontario
Joey Paradis Brampton Ontario
Michelle Lim Windsor Ontario
Lakasdiwa Lim Windsor Ontario
Julie Lauzon Windsor Ontario
Tiffanie Lamb Windsor Ontario
Mark Leclerc Windsor Ontario
Kimberly Lemaux Sterling Heights Michigan
Kara Willis Clinton Twp Michigan
MaryBeth Ketko Livonia Michigan
Marilyn Lemeaux
Joel Liem Windsor Ontario
Audrey Liem Windsor Ontario
Bethany Liem Windsor Ontario
Jachin Liem Windsor Ontario
Frank Meloche Leamington Ontario
Leah Meloche Leamington Ontario
Taylor Meloche Leamington Ontario
Luke Meloche Leamington Ontario
Butch Mitchell Leamington Ontario
Lisa Mitchell Leamington Ontario
Fallon Mitchell Leamington Ontario
Hayden Mitchell Leamington Ontario
Team McDonald    
Sheri Moss-McDonald Brantford Ontario
Arthur McDonald Brantford Ontario
A.J McDonald Brantford Ontario
Katy McDonald Brantford Ontario
Team Jay    
Jay Newman Lasalle Ontario
Barb Poulin Lasalle Ontario
Bob Poulin Lasalle Ontario
Shaw Family    
Chad Shaw Windsor Ontario
Michelle Shaw Windsor Ontario
Justin Shaw Windsor Ontario


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