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Runnning Room

Minds in Motion KW Walking Classic - 2012


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Bib Number Name City Province
Sam AbiSaab Kitchener Ontario
Nick Anagnostpoulos Kitchener Ontario
Tony Barrand Sarnia Ontario
Helen Battersby Toronto Ontario
Patricia Baxter Waterloo Ontario
Sherrie Bieman-Copland Smithville, ON Ontario
lynda burville Port Dover Ontario
Boguslawa Byczynski Mississauga Ontario
Raynna Cameron Kitchener Ontario
Cecily Chiles Brights Grove Ontario
Ken Clark Kitchener Ontario
Catherine Creber Sarnia Ontario
Carolyn Cresswell Kitchener Ontario
Alison Dancy Burlington Ontario
Rob DeBoyrie Kitchener Ontario
Travis Dickson Kitchener Ontario
Rita Dietz Sarnia Ontario
Cheryl Donkersgoed Palmerston Ontario
Sophie Duguay Trenton Ontario
nadia dusil waterloo Ontario
Sharon Duval Bright's Grove Ontario
Cambridge Ontario
Bob England Brampton Ontario
Nuala Felton Sarnia Ontario
Lisa Godden Kitchener Ontario
Laura Grunder Waterloo Ontario
Catherine Hughes Port Dover Ontario
Darlene Humphrey Beamsville Ontario
David Irwin Kitchener Ontario
Cathie Kitchen Waterloo Ontario
Lori Kolano Brights Grove Ontario
Sadeta Kraja Cambridge Ontario
James Lao Kitchener Ontario
Kim Le Kitchener Ontario
Amanda Lewis Elmira Ontario
Darrin Lewis Elmira Ontario
Stefanie Lorette Midland Ontario
Mary Loupos Sarnia Ontario
Patricia Mancini Sarnia Ontario
Debbie Mann Kitchener Ontario
Susan Markides Waterloo Ontario
Nadia Martin Kitchener Ontario
Gail Matura Kitchener Ontario
Brenda McDonald Waterloo Ontario
Carrie Miller Waterloo Ontario
Chris Oliva Kitchener Ontario
Cindy O'Neil Corunna Ontario
Gayle Parker Waterloo Ontario
annette pawlowski kit Ontario
Brandon Pawlowski kitchener Ontario
Chris Pawlowski Toronto Ontario
Laura Pawlowski Bright Ontario
Robert Pelletier Toronto Ontario
Don Proper Cambridge Ontario
Kitchener Ontario
Miles Rogers Trenton Ontario
Beth Saunders Waterloo Ontario
Rachael Schwartz Bright Ontario
Sandy Smith Simcoe Ontario
Glenn Stephens Kitchener Ontario
Liz Stephens Kitchener Ontario
Kerry Anne Stryker Waterloo Ontario
Shannon Tobin Kitchener Ontario
Joan Van Groningen Port Dover Ontario
Janny Wallbank New Hamburg Ontario
Eleanor Walters London Ontario
Peter Wiens Kitchener Ontario
Britta Young Kitchener Ontario
Jan Zemaitis Toronto Ontario


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