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    We are launching our NEW Unisex Running Room Training Program Technical T-shirt. Available in Aqua, Orange & Grey.

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    Whether you're a running newbie or a veteran marathoner, we've got an on-line program for you. Coached exclusively by Running Rooms top Trainers.

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    A weekly Run Club happens every Wednesday from all Running Room locations.

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Get expert advice to improve your run while enjoying doing what you love with other's who love it too.

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Training Programs

  • Learn to Run »

    This program will get you started toward your running goals. Learn all you need to know about running in all kinds of weather, nutrition, goal setting, injury prevention, motivation, pacing and much more. At the end of this program you will be running for 20 minutes with a gradual progression of run and walk breaks.

  • 5KM Program »

    This program will take you from the Learn to Run right up to the 5K distance. Prepare for your first 5K event and improve your current fitness as you build from your learn to run schedule.

  • 10KM Program »

    Build on your 5K training to prepare for your first 10K event or improve your 10K time. This program will introduce you to hill training and steady runs to accompany your weekly long runs.

  • 10 Miler »

    Take your training beyond the 10K and prepare for your next 10 Mile event. Whether you are new to 10 Mile training or have a time goal in mind, this program will get you there. In this program we will complete hill training and steady runs to build your training schedule.

  • For Women Only »

    This program follows the same training schedule as the Learn to Run program while addressing the needs of the female athlete. Join us for this unique training experience with womens' health and wellness in mind.

  • Half Marathon »

    Build on the benefits of our 10 and 1 training to include hill training, tempo running and speed work in your training schedule. Take your training beyond the 10K to reach your half marathon goals.

  • Marathon »

    If you are looking to complete a marathon or just experience the training, this program is for you. We will build on the half-marathon program and include hill training, 10 and 1 training and speed work to help you complete your marathon training schedule.

  • Triathlon »

    This training program is designed for athletes looking to complete their first sprint or Olympic distance triathlon or improve on past performance.

  • Walk or Run to Quit »

    Quitting smoking is the single best thing you can do for your health. By signing up for this training program you are taking the first steps towards making a healthy change in your life. Participants learn to walk or run 5 km while receiving practical support on quitting smoking.

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Be Inspired, challenge yourself. Pick an event goal for yourself.

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