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Easter Seals Ontario

Appleby Pharmacy Santa 5k - 2017
Teams and Families


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Bib Number Name City Province
St. Peters    
Diego Czekalla-Naovaez Milton Ontario
Addison Bogles Milton Ontario
Alison Arthurs Milton Ontario
Emmanuel Marmalejo Milton Ontario
Aura Grajales Milton Ontario
Fatima Wilson Milton Ontario
St. Peters    
Sebastian Czekalla-Naovaez Milton Ontario
Abigail Christian Milton Ontario
Orina Malas Milton Ontario
Ethan Beaudry Milton Ontario
Jayzaret Andres Milton Ontario
Kaitlyn Alley Milton Ontario
Santa Porks    
Oakville Ontario
Oakville Ontario
Oakville Ontario
Oakville Ontario
Oakville Ontario
Oakville Ontario
santa is elsewhere    
Shaun Else BURLINGTON Ontario
Keira Else Burlington Ontario
Liam Else Burlington Ontario
Hollie Strickland burlington Ontario
Cary Ceroni Burlington Ontario
Gus Ceroni burlington Ontario
St. Peters    
Vanessa Freitas Milton Ontario
Nicolas Fortun Milton Ontario
Joseph Botros Milton Ontario
Matthew Ferreira Milton Ontario
Jack Ferreira Milton Ontario
Mecayla Falcioni Milton Ontario
St. Peters    
Kailyn Greer Milton Ontario
David Motyka Milton Ontario
Erica Montero Milton Ontario
Samuel Montero Milton Ontario
Czarina Manuel Milton Ontario
Chloe Lapierre Milton Ontario
Lewis Jolliffe Hamilton Ontario
Melanie Jolliffe Hamilton Ontario
Bev Perks Hamilton Ontario
Jennifer Spagnuolo Brantford Ontario
Tammy Smith Toronto Ontario
Helen Jolliffe Hamilton Ontario
St. Peters    
Tristan Jones Milton Ontario
Laura Keen Milton Ontario
Selina Habash Milton Ontario
Sofia Gomes Milton Ontario
Isabella Elms Milton Ontario
Isabella Daddabbo Milton Ontario
EGH 6th Level Paediatrics    
Brampton Ontario
Brampton Ontario
Brampton Ontario
Brampton Ontario
Markham Ontario
Brampton Ontario
St. Peters    
Natalie Kulina Milton Ontario
Jacob Kranjac Milton Ontario
Jordan Kranjac Milton Ontario
Reid Kiffman Milton Ontario
Elijah Jobli Milton Ontario
Aaden Hahn Milton Ontario
Burlington Ontario
Jennifer Costello Burlington Ontario
Amy Sutton Burlington Ontario
Trisha Baverstock Burlington Ontario
Heather Pereira Burlington Ontario
Leslie McIntyre Burlington Ontario
The Christmas Reign of Terror    
Terry McNamara Toronto Ontario
Sean McNamara Toronto Ontario
Quinn McNamara Toronto Ontario
Ciaran Adams Toronto Ontario
Patrica Ann Adams Toronto Ontario
Mikael Dam Toronto Yukon
EGH 6th Level Paediatrics    
Maple Ontario
Maple Ontario
Guelph Ontario
Brampton Ontario
Toronto Ontario
Oakville Ontario
Pallotta 45    
Rossana Pallotta Waterdown Ontario
Peter Pallotta Waterdown Ontario
Logan Pallotta Waterdown Ontario
Seth Pallotta Waterdown Ontario
Mae Punzalan Waterdown Ontario
Alma Punzalan Waterdown Ontario
Resident Runners    
Heather Partyka Hamilton Ontario
Hamilton Ontario
Lindsay Shahi Ancaster Ontario
Jeevin Shahi Ancaster Ontario
Dan McIntyre Burlington Ontario
Robert Coke Hamilton Ontario
St. Peters    
Jayden Pinto Milton Ontario
Tristan Seaton Milton Ontario
Lucas Wilson Milton Ontario
Marisol Pardo Milton Ontario
Jayme Pereira Milton Ontario
Danika Smith Milton Ontario
Beards of a Feather    
Cynthia Rutters hamilton Ontario
Tianna Kennedy Lynden Ontario
Ethan Stepho Hannon Ontario
Betty Furlong Dundas Ontario
Caroline McLean Ancaster Ontario
Kelley Scime Mount Hope Ontario
TOPS 4202    
Pamela Secula Hamilton Ontario
Janet Saleh Hamilton Ontario
Donna Stubbings Hamilton Ontario
Danielle Whittaker Hamilton Ontario
Bonnie Whittaker Hamilton Ontario
Paula Waldner Stoney Creek Ontario
Santa Shaolin    
Duncan Seton Caledon Ontario
Lydia Seton Caledon Ontario
Kevin Coffey Caledon Ontario
Sandra Coffey Caledon Ontario
Greg O'Brien Caledon Ontario
Kelvin Velasquez Caledon Ontario
St. Peters    
Victoria Sidsworth Milton Ontario
Ryley Soindon Milton Ontario
Benjamin Murray Milton Ontario
Victoria Murray Milton Ontario
Themi Mourtos Milton Ontario
Benjamin LeBrun Milton Ontario
Team Sulentic    
Sasha Spycher-Sulentic Dundas Ontario
Paul Sulentic Dundas Ontario
Finn Sulentic Dundas Ontario
Sage Sulentic Dundas Ontario
Kai Sulentic Dundas Ontario
Nani's Group    
Louis Themeles Hamilon Ontario
Dylan Finucane Stoney Creek Ontario
Trish Finucane Stoney Creek Ontario
Caelyn Finucane Stoney Creek Ontario
Aeryn Finucane Stoney Creek Ontario
Nick Leduc Stoney Creek Ontario
St. Peters    
Christina Uncao Milton Ontario
Patrick Smith Milton Ontario
Denise Sidsworth Milton Ontario
Laurence Soindon Milton Ontario
Tomasz Mctyka Milton Ontario
Chris Kulina Milton Ontario
franco santa    
maelle vandermeiren Mississauga Ontario
cedric vandermeiren Mississauga Ontario
nolann vandermeiren Mississauga Ontario
alexandre vandermeiren mississauga Yukon
gregoire vandermeiren mississauga Ontario
enzo lotchuang mississauga Ontario
Just Blouse / Browsing    
Hari Vasan Burlington Ontario
Nick Ridpath London Ontario
Rob Tomchick Toronto Ontario
Mark Gregus Hamilton Ontario
Dave Braun Mount Hope Ontario
Matt Allen Hamilton Ontario
Cotton Headed Ninnymuggins’    
Liz Watkins Kichener Ontario
Alexander Millar Kitchener Ontario
Michelle Millar Burlington Ontario
Vanessa Millar Toronto Ontario
Tyler Merwin Hamilton Ontario
Carly Broadbent Burlington Ontario
Old Timers    
Sally Yong-Lee Ancaster Ontario
Khal Sadek Hamilton Ontario
Kandice Sadek Hamilton Ontario
Candice Hall Hamilton Ontario
Tony Spadafora Ancaster Ontario
Monir Moniruzzaman Hamilton Ontario

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