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The Governing Council of the Salvation Army in Canada

Santa Shuffle 2017 - St Johns
Individual - 5K and Elf Walk


Bib Number Name City Province
Matthew Power St. Johns Newfoundland
PARADISE Newfoundland
Christine Anderson St johns Newfoundland
Cheryl Andrews Bareneed Newfoundland
Dale Andrews-Keats CBS Newfoundland
Francisco Arraial Edmonton Alberta
Jackie Baikey Mt. Pearl Newfoundland
Catherine Bailey St. John Newfoundland
Lindsay Baird St. John's Newfoundland
Rosemarie Baldwin Mt Pearl Newfoundland
Gina Barnes PARADISE Newfoundland
Olivia BARNES PARADISE Newfoundland
Annette Barron Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Anna Bartlett Paradise Newfoundland
Charlene Beazley Flatrock Newfoundland
Jody Beckett O'Leary St.John's Newfoundland
D'Arcy Bennett Paradise Newfoundland
Sherry Berkshire-Blundell St.Johns Newfoundland
Jacquie Bertrand Sudbury Ontario
Shelly Blackwood Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Krista Boland St. John's Newfoundland
Ava Boyce Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Oliver Boyce Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Samantha Brett St. Johnís Newfoundland
Sheila Brinston Pouch Cove Newfoundland
Beverly Bromley Paradise Newfoundland
Cathy Broydell Paradise Newfoundland
Jordan Broydell Paradise Newfoundland
Megan Broydell Paradise Newfoundland
Sharee Burry St. John's Newfoundland
Mt. Pearl Newfoundland
Victoria Burt mount pearl Newfoundland
Alexander Butler CBS Newfoundland
Pamela Butler CBS Newfoundland
Tammy Butler ST JOHNS Newfoundland
Paradise Newfoundland
Amanda Cardiff St. John's Newfoundland
Phoebe Carpenter St. John Newfoundland
Michael Chaplin Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Paula Chaplin Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Lori Chaytor ST. JOHN'S Newfoundland
ashley chiasson Mt Pearl Newfoundland
amy chislett Torbay Newfoundland
Jodi Churchill Portugal Cove Newfoundland
Janelle Clarke St. John's Newfoundland
Kelly Clarke St. Johns Newfoundland
Janieve Cochrane Conception Bay South Newfoundland
St. John's Newfoundland
Joel Collins Portugal Cove Newfoundland
Katelyn Collins St.John's Newfoundland
Kelly Collins Portugal Cove Newfoundland
Noah Collins Portugal Cove Newfoundland
Samantha Collins Glovertown Newfoundland
Holly Cooper Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Karen Cooper St. John Newfoundland
Susan Copp Paradise Newfoundland
Jason Counsel St. John's Newfoundland
ANN CREWS Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Ashley Crews Goulds Newfoundland
Michelle Crews Goulds Newfoundland
Patsy Crews St. John's Newfoundland
Laura Crocker St. Johnís Newfoundland
Brooklyn Cromwell-Bartlett St. John's Newfoundland
Paradise Newfoundland
Lorelei Dean Holyrood Newfoundland
Sandra Decker Portugal Cove Newfoundland
Kim Delaney Logy Bay Newfoundland
Stephanie Delaney Logy Bay Newfoundland
Michael DeRoche St. John's Newfoundland
PARADISE Newfoundland
Pamela Doran St. John's Newfoundland
APRILL DRAKE Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Mallory Drodge Torbay Newfoundland
Stefanie Drover Mount Pearl Newfoundland
St. Johnís Newfoundland
DENISE EDDY Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Terri Edison Flatrock Newfoundland
Nancy Elkins Flatrock Newfoundland
Doug Elliott St. John's Newfoundland
Mariann Evans CBS Newfoundland
Sarah Fagan Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Stephanie Fagan Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Crystal Fahey Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Emily Fahey Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Meghan Fillier St. John Newfoundland
Denise Finlay CBS Newfoundland
Spencer Finlay Cbs Newfoundland
Myla Fitzgerald St.John's Newfoundland
Dennis Flynn Colliers Riverhead Newfoundland
Jennifer Flynn CBS Newfoundland
Terri Fowler St. John's Newfoundland
Leah Fowlow Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Ashley Francis St. Philips Newfoundland
Stephanie Frankland St. Johnís Newfoundland
Tammy Frye KANATA Ontario
Sarah Gallant Paradise Newfoundland
St. John's Newfoundland
Hilary Goodridge St. John's Newfoundland
Wanda-Lee Goulding Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Cory Grandy Torbay Newfoundland
Jonah Grandy Torbay Newfoundland
Trina Grandy Torbay Newfoundland
Brady Green Torbay Newfoundland
Cathy Green Torbay Newfoundland
Joy Greene Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Mary Anne Griffin St. John's Newfoundland
Keira Gullage Paradise Newfoundland
David Hammond Paradise Newfoundland
jada hancock logy bay Newfoundland
Maxwell Harkaway Power Paradise Newfoundland
Samuel Harkaway Power Paradise Newfoundland
Elliott Harrington Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Heather Harris Port Blandford Newfoundland
Natasha Harris Clarenville Newfoundland
Sherry Harris Port Blandford Newfoundland
Vicki Hartery St. Johns Newfoundland
Colleen Hatfield Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Chantel Healey Chapels Cove Newfoundland
Hayden Hobbs Paradise Newfoundland
Chris Hodder St. John Newfoundland
Debbie Hodder St. John Newfoundland
Melissa Holloway Bloomfield Newfoundland
Rebecca Hopkins Paradise Newfoundland
Rick Hopkins Fermeuse Newfoundland
Sheila Hoskins Newharbour Newfoundland
Terri-lynn Hoskins NEW HARBOUR TB Newfoundland
Nadine Houlihan Mt. Pearl Newfoundland
Suzanne House Outer cove Newfoundland
Jennifer Hunt St. John's Newfoundland
Karen Hurley Power St. John Newfoundland
Emma Jacobs CBS Newfoundland
Ethel Janes CONCEPTION BAY SOUTH Newfoundland
Daxa Jani St. John's Newfoundland
Angela Jefford CBS Newfoundland
Olivia Jefford CBS Newfoundland
Stephanie Jones Mount pearl Newfoundland
Michelle Kavanagh St.johns Newfoundland
Kelligrews Newfoundland
Lindsay Keating Glovertown Newfoundland
Michelle Keating Torbay Newfoundland
Jackie Keats CBS Newfoundland
Sue Lacey St. John's Newfoundland
Stephen Lambert Paradise Newfoundland
Colton Lannon St. John's Newfoundland
Katherine LEDWELL TORBAY Newfoundland
Lisa Legge Mount Pearl Newfoundland
PARADISE Newfoundland
Holyrood Newfoundland
susan locke St. John's Newfoundland
Sherri Lockyer St. John's Newfoundland
Cynthia Loder St. John's Newfoundland
Holly Loder St. John's. Newfoundland
Helen Mackey St. Johnís Newfoundland
Pilar Maldonado PARADISE Newfoundland
Stephanie Malone St. John's Newfoundland
Shannon March Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Stephanie March Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Ed Martin Portugal Cove Newfoundland
reegan martin paradise Newfoundland
Ruby Martin Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Sarah Martin St. John's Newfoundland
Carolyn Matchim Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Eleanor Mayo Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Robert McDonald CBS Newfoundland
Kristina McGrath CBS Newfoundland
Michelle McNeil Paradise Newfoundland
joshua meade Holyrood Newfoundland
Wabush Newfoundland
Natasha Mercer Flatrock Newfoundland
Rhonda Mercer PARADISE Newfoundland
KAREN MEULENKAMP Portugal Cove - St. Philips Newfoundland
Tyler Moore Paradise Newfoundland
Hailey Murphy St. John's Newfoundland
Heidi Murphy Goulds Newfoundland
Jack Murphy Paradise Newfoundland
Jennifer Murphy St. John's Newfoundland
Mona Murphy Torbay Newfoundland
Scott Murphy CBS Newfoundland
Penny Nolan Frenchman's Cove Newfoundland
St John's Newfoundland
JAckie Nugent Cbs Newfoundland
April O'Keefe Paradise Newfoundland
Marg O'Keefe St. John Newfoundland
Kelly O'Reilly Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Colin OíKeefe St. Johnís Newfoundland
Emma OíKeefe St. Johnís Newfoundland
St Johnís Newfoundland
Samantha Parrell Torbay Newfoundland
ANNA PATTEN Logy Bay Newfoundland
Jill Peckford Concept Newfoundland
Lindsey Peddle CBS Newfoundland
Emmie Penney St. John's Newfoundland
Ashley Petten st johns Newfoundland
Natasha Piercey Paradise Newfoundland
Ashley Pittman Paradise Newfoundland
Margaret Pitts CANNINGS COVE Newfoundland
Wayne Pitts CANNINGS COVE Newfoundland
Trista Pitts-Riverol CANNINGS COVE Newfoundland
Courtney Pomroy Paradise Newfoundland
Jackie Porter Paradise Newfoundland
Kurt Porter Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Shauna Porter Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Donna Power Paradise Newfoundland
Evan Power Calvert Newfoundland
Kandice Power Paradise Newfoundland
Trudy Power St Johns Newfoundland
Valerie Power Paradise Newfoundland
Aliyah Quinton Paradise Newfoundland
Jack Randell Witless Bay Newfoundland
Lesley Randell Happy Valley Goose Bay Newfoundland
Mary-Kate Randell Happy Valley Goose Bay Newfoundland
Rachell Randell Witless Bay Newfoundland
Tracy Reardon Paradise Newfoundland
Mya Reid Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Jacqueline Rideout CBS Newfoundland
Patrick Ring St. John's Newfoundland
Steve Ring St. John's Newfoundland
Amber Roach Port Blandford Newfoundland
Ashley Roach Port Blandford Newfoundland
Lena Roach Port Blandford Newfoundland
Heather Robbins Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Martina Romero Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Jeanine Scott CBS Newfoundland
Laura Seviour St. John's Newfoundland
Amy Sheppard Spaniard's Bay Newfoundland
Collin Silver Paradise Newfoundland
Jason Silver Paradise Newfoundland
Michael Silver Paradise Newfoundland
Stacey Silver Paradise Newfoundland
Katie Skanes St. John's Newfoundland
Ryan Skanes Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Yvette Slaney St.John's Newfoundland
Melissa Sleep Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Alisa Smith Clarenville Newfoundland
Lorne Smith Clarenville Newfoundland
Jaydan Snook Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Sonya Snook Mount Pearl Newfoundland
St. John's Newfoundland
Karen Snow St. John's Newfoundland
Brenda Soper Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Paradise Newfoundland
Wendy Spurrell Paradise Newfoundland
Lynnette Stevenson St. John's Newfoundland
Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Kelsey Strowbridge Marystown Newfoundland
Kerry Strowbridge Paradise Newfoundland
Daphne Sullivan Brigus South Newfoundland
Gayle Sullivan Paradise Newfoundland
Jennifer Swyers Logy Bay Newfoundland
Mylee Tapper Paradise Newfoundland
Tina Taylor CARBONEAR Newfoundland
Susan Thistle Paradise Newfoundland
Heather Tizzard St. John's Newfoundland
Sandra Troke Clarenville Newfoundland
Lonnie Tucker Portugal Cove-St Philips Newfoundland
Norbert Turpin Holyrood Newfoundland
Brandon Vautier Paradise Newfoundland
Gaby Victoria Paradise Newfoundland
St. Johns Newfoundland
Wanda Wadman Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Doreen Wakeham Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Ethan Wall Conception Harbour Newfoundland
Jessica wall Holyrood Newfoundland
joanne wall Holyrood Newfoundland
Kourtney Wall Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Sharon Wall Conception Harbour Newfoundland
Skylar Wall Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Kayla Walsh Clarenville Newfoundland
Sis Ward South East Bight Newfoundland
Angie Warren St. John's Newfoundland
Bonnie Warren Arnold's Cove Newfoundland
LUCY WAY GOULDS Newfoundland
Eve Wells St. John's Newfoundland
Karla White Paradise Newfoundland
Steve White Portugal Cove - St. Phillips Newfoundland
Vera White Mount Pearl Newfoundland
St. John's Newfoundland
ALLISON Wight Paradise Newfoundland
Megan Willette Paradise Newfoundland
Donnie Williams Paradise Newfoundland
Tish Williams Pouch Cove Newfoundland
Sammy-Joe Wiseman CBS Newfoundland
Dennis Yap St. John's Newfoundland
Zach Young Paradise Newfoundland

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