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Diabetes Canada

The Stouffville Dash for Diabetes - 2018
5k Run/Walk Family-Team Presented by Sorbara Group


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Bib Number Name City Province
Team PACE    
Lina Benincasa Stouffville Ontario
Dante Benincasa Stouffville Ontario
Tina Kargovski Stouffville Ontario
Borce Kargovski Stouffville Ontario
Elizabeth Matulaitis Stouffville Ontario
Mary Barbieri Stouffville Ontario
Sara Derocchis Stouffville Ontario
Debbie Cushing Stouffville Ontario
Jay Cushing Stouffville Ontario
Isabel Anderson Stouffville Ontario
Marylou Wheeler Stouffville Ontario
Dawn DeBartolo Stouffville Ontario
Amanda Barbieri Stouffville Ontario
Darlene Nicholson Stouffville ON
Susan Franz Stouffville ON
Andrea Bobadilla Toronto Ontario
Avelino Bobadilla Toronto Ontario
Ashley Lorenzo Toronto Ontario
Gerald Piercey Toronto Ontario
Katrina Lorenzo Toronto Ontario
John Ryan Lorenzo Toronto Ontario
Michelle Tonga Mississauga Ontario
Theresa Elvins Markham Ontario
Christine Fera Markham Ontario
Ian Parker Markham Ontario
Nancy St Pierre Markham Ontario
Kristijan Petrovski Markham Ontario
Louise Butt Markham Ontario
Hanien Likjono Markham Ontario
Wayne Elvins Markham On
Lino Ferra Markham On
1901 E Team    
1901 Roy Erodotou Stouffville Ontario
1898 Amanda Erodotou Stouffville Ontario
1899 Peter Erodotou Stouffville Ontario
1900 John Erodotou Stouffville Ontario
Team Dean    
Shaun Gonsalves Richmond Hill Ontario
Michelle Gonsalves Richmond Hill Ontario
Ava Gonsalves Richmond Hill Ontario
Dean Gonsalves Richmond Hill Ontario
Cruz Gonsalves Richmond Hill Ontario
Max Gonsalves Richmond Hill Ontario
Danny Toshakovski Richmond Hill Ontario
Vera Toshakovski Richmond Hill Ontario
Frank Mackovski Richmond Hill Ontario
Melissa Mackovski Richmond Hill Ontario
Jack Mackovski Richmond Hill Ontario
Ashley Mackovski Richmond Hill Ontario
Michael Toshakovski Richmond Hill Ontario
Jacqueline Toshakovski Richmond Hill Ontario
Team Lisa    
Lisa Larionova Richmond Hill Ontario
Misha Larionov Richmond Hill Ontario
Andrei Larionov Richmond Hill Ontario
Olga Larionova Richmond Hill Ontario
Sasha Larionova Richmond Hill Ontario
O'Brien Family    
Jason O’Brien Stouffville Ontario
Michelle O'Brien Stouffville Ontario
Kyle O'Brien Stouffville Ontario
Kaitlyn O'Brien Stouffville Ontario
Team Ragno    
Gisella Ragno Richmond Hill Ontario
Mike Ragno Richmond Hill Ontario
Emma Ragno Richmond Hill Ontario
Charlotte Ragno Richmond Hill Ontario
Team Romanowitch    
Suzanne Romanowitch Stouffville Ontario
Alexis Romanowitch Stouffville Ontario
Cordelia Morris Stouffville Ontario
Amelia Romanowitch Stouffville Ontario
Team Dana    
Marjorie Sherban Pickering Ontario
Mike Sherban Pickering Ontario
Mary Sherban Pickering Ontario
Mitchell Burkin Pickering Ontario
Angie Sherban Toronto Ontario
Nolan Sherban Toronto Ontario
Viola Chehlarova Toronto Ontario
Miles Sherban Toronto Ontario
Shaunessi Anderson Toronto Ontario
Tina Jones Beamsville Ontario
Andrew Sherban Pickering Ontario

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