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Dunnville Youth Impact Centre

Hauser's Whole Health Mudcat Marathon Weekend - 2019
Fishy5k - Friday, May 10


Bib Number Name City Province
Kayden Amme Dunnville Ontario
Krystal Amme Dunnville Ontario
Lauren Andrews Welland Ontario
Olivia Andrews Caledonia Ontario
Kassie Austin Trenton Ontario
Mary Bacher Dunnville Ontario
jeff baker Welland Ontario
Tim Bartels Dunnville Ontario
Lindsay Bartlett Dunnville Ontario
Ella Bellucci Dunnville Ontario
John Black Dunnville Ontario
Alec Braithwaite Brantford Ontario
Trinity Braithwaite Brantford Ontario
Christina Brownlow St Catharines Ontario
Rob Brownlow St catharines Ontario
Yvonne Bulk Dunnville Ontario
Dylan Clark Dunnville Ontario
Erin Clark Dunnville Ontario
Dunnville Ontario
Gayle Closs Waterford Ontario
George Closs Waterford Ontario
Sharon Cochrane Wainfleet Ontario
Kaitlin de Boer Dunnville Ontario
Emily Desjardins Hamilton Ontario
Sarah Dexter Cayuga Ontario
Diane Donaldson Hamilton Ontario
Scott Donaldson Hamilton Ontario
Marian Dykstra Burlington Ontario
Peter Dykstra Dunnville Ontario
Kailer Eldridge Dunnville Ontario
Gabby Fera Dunnville Ontario
Susan Fleming Fisherville Ontario
Marla Garbutt Dunnville Ontario
Amanda Graydon Lynden Ontario
Sara Griese Welland Ontario
Wellandport Ontario
Wellandport Ontario
Aidan Hopman Dunnville Ontario
Joseph Hopman Dunnville Ontario
Bill Huisman Fonthill Ontario
Debbie Iwanyzki Wilsonville Ontario
Cheryle Johnson Dunnville Ontario
Nick Jubenville Dunnville Ontario
Tracy Jubenville Dunnville Ontario
Bowmanville Ontario
John Kemp Waterford Ontario
Melissa Laufman Ancaster Ontario
Mark Liston Vanessa Ontario
Dunnville Ontario
Mairi Long Cayuga Ontario
Greg Mankala Toronto Ontario
Jeanette Manoukian Hamilton Ontario
Rebecca Marie Lowbanks Ontario
Oriana Matheson Innisfil Ontario
Diane McCarten Binbrook Ontario
Amy Mccullough Caledonia Ontario
Jayden McMullen St. Thomas Ontario
Liam McMullen St. Thomas Ontario
Katie Meyer Cayuga Ontario
Christine Minor Wainfleet Ontario
Landon Minor Wainfleet Ontario
Elliot Montgomery Dunnville Ontario
Andrea Moodie Dunnville Ontario
Juli Mora Toronto Ontario
Owen Munnings Dunnville Ontario
Joe Muto Ancaster Ontario
Tracey Muto Ancaster Ontario
Cheektowaga New York
Greg O'Neil Welland Ontario
Dylan O'Neill Dunnville Ontario
Heather Ogilvie St. Catharines Ontario
Corbin Ostrowercha Stoney Creek Ontario
Ashley Packham Dunnville Ontario
Josh Packham Dunnville Ontario
Alice Petheram Waterford Ontario
Dunnville Ontario
Brittani Powell Dunnville Ontario
Hailey Putman Dunnville Ontario
Hamilton Ontario
Welland Ontario
Owen Roach Dunnville Ontario
Alycia Roth Lowbanks Ontario
Dave Rouse Dunnville Ontario
Krystle Rouse Dunnville Ontario
Craig Rowe Jarvis Ontario
Emily Schild Fonthill Ontario
Julie Shale Niagara Falls Ontario
Tyler Springer Dunnville Ontario
Mason Sterr Fonthill Ontario
Gavin Stewart Hagersville Ontario
Kaelin Stewart Hagersville Ontario
Krystal Stewart Hagersville Ontario
Rayna Stewart-Carnes Dunniville Ontario
Melissa Stickl Simcoe Ontario
Kayla Suitor Canfield Ontario
Emily Tarrant Dunnville Ontario
Luca Tarrant Dunnville Ontario
Mya Wolf Burlington Ontario
Richard Wolf Burlington Ontario
Micki Wright Welland Ontario
Beckham Zavitz St. Thomas Ontario
Serguei Zavorine St. Catharines Ontario

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