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The Governing Council of the Salvation Army in Canada

Santa Shuffle 2019 - St Johns
Individual - 5K and Elf Walk


Bib Number Name City Province
Bridgette Abbott Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Lindsay Adey PARADISE Newfoundland
Latisha Allingham Conception Bay south Newfoundland
Dale Andrews-Keats Conception bay south Newfoundland
Catherine Bailey St. John�s Newfoundland
Cassandra Barker Marystown Newfoundland
Annette Barron Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Charlene Beazley Flatrock Newfoundland
Sara Best Paradise Newfoundland
Jesse Biddiscombe Logy Bay Newfoundland
Lynnette Biddiscombe Logy Bay Newfoundland
Dana Boutcher Paradise Newfoundland
Sheila Brinston Pouch Cove Newfoundland
Kelly Bulger St. Johns Newfoundland
Sarah Burry Middle Cove Newfoundland
Joan Butler Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Marsha Byrne conception bay south Newfoundland
Michelle Caines Paradise Newfoundland
Daisy Cake Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Larry Cake Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Glen Carroll Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Gwen Carroll St.johns Newfoundland
Tracy Carroll Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Cameron Chafe Goulds Newfoundland
Marystown Newfoundland
Kaitlin Chaulk Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Bonnie Churchill Paradise Newfoundland
Glenda Churchill St. Philips Newfoundland
Jake Clarke St. John’s Newfoundland
Kelly Clarke St. John Newfoundland
Paul Clarke Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Rhonda Clarke Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Robyn Clarke Brigus Newfoundland
Matt Cole St. John's Newfoundland
Ashleigh Collett Paradise Newfoundland
Harvey Collett Paradise Newfoundland
Melissa Cook Middle sackville Nova Scotia
Damien Coombs Bay Roberts Newfoundland
Isaiah Coombs Bay Roberts Newfoundland
Holly Cooper Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Paradise Newfoundland
ANN CREWS Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Amanda Critch Paradise Newfoundland
Brian Critch Paradise Newfoundland
Janine Critch St. John's Newfoundland
Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Justin Dawson Paradise Newfoundland
Keith Day ST. JOHN'S Newfoundland
Rachael Day ST. JOHN'S Newfoundland
Robyn Day ST. JOHN'S Newfoundland
Joan Decker St. John's Newfoundland
Heather DeHann Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Jill Didham Paradise Newfoundland
Kaden Dillon St. John’s Newfoundland
Luanne Dominix Bay Roberts Newfoundland
amanda donovan mount pearl Newfoundland
Kathy-Lee Doyle St.John's Newfoundland
Stefanie Drover Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Darren Durdle St. John’s Newfoundland
Dawn-Marie Durdle St. John’s Newfoundland
Drew Durdle St. John’s Newfoundland
Sophie Durdle St.John’s Newfoundland
julie dwyer st. johns Newfoundland
Melissa Edwards Paradise Newfoundland
Doug Elliott Paradise Newfoundland
craig ennis Mt. Pearl Newfoundland
Lori Evans St. John's Newfoundland
Christine Facey Torbay Newfoundland
Erica Fagan Cbs Newfoundland
Heather Flight St.john's Newfoundland
Dennis Flynn Colliers Riverhead Newfoundland
Paradise Newfoundland
Kevin Flynn St. John's Newfoundland
Luke French Bay Roberts Newfoundland
Tyler French Bay Roberts Newfoundland
Rose Frew Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Lori Gibbons St. John Newfoundland
Rose Gillingham St. John’s Newfoundland
Keith Glynn Paradise Newfoundland
Valerie Goodland-Hennessey Goulds Newfoundland
Cory Grandy Torbay Newfoundland
Jonah Grandy Torbay Newfoundland
Trina Grandy Torbay Newfoundland
Danette Grant Mt. Pearl Newfoundland
Lorne Grant Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Nicholas Grant Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Joy Greene Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Stacy Hagerty CBS Newfoundland
Diane Halliday Portugal Cove-St. Philip's Newfoundland
Renee Hamlyn Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Cheryl Harding CBS Newfoundland
Heather Harding CBS Newfoundland
Apryl Harrington Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Elliott Harrington Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Doug Harrison Carbonear Newfoundland
Melissa Harrison Carbonear Newfoundland
Ruth Hart HOLYROOD Newfoundland
Lisa Hawco Blaketown Newfoundland
Ryan Hawco BLAKETOWN Newfoundland
Jenna Hawkins St. John's Newfoundland
Chantel Healey Chapels Cove Newfoundland
Connie Heffernan St.John�s Newfoundland
Craig Heffernan St.John�s Newfoundland
Trish Hepditch St. John's Newfoundland
St. John's Newfoundland
Sarah Hipditch St. John's Newfoundland
kimberly holloway St. John's Newfoundland
Jordan Holmes St. John's Newfoundland
Alyssa Horwood Paradise Newfoundland
Sarah Horwood Paradise Newfoundland
Liam Hunt St. John's Newfoundland
Rick Hunt St. John's Newfoundland
David Hynes Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Judith Hynes Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Stephanie Jacobs C.B.S. Newfoundland
Marie James St. John’s Newfoundland
Ethel Janes Foxtrap Newfoundland
Connie Kavanagh Ferryland Newfoundland
Jennifer Kavanagh St. John's Newfoundland
Tara Kavanagh Ferryland Newfoundland
vanessa Kavanagh Pouch cove Newfoundland
Heidi Keating St.John's Newfoundland
Lola Keating CBS Newfoundland
Jackie Keats Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Katie Keats Paradise Newfoundland
Holyrood Newfoundland
Roxanne King Cbs Newfoundland
Karen Lacey ST JOHNS Newfoundland
Kristy Lanigan St johns Newfoundland
lori Lanphear st johns Newfoundland
Melane LeDrew Paradise Newfoundland
Colleen LEDWELL TORBAY Newfoundland
Nevaeh Linthorne Paradise Newfoundland
Anita Lockyer St. John's Newfoundland
Sherri Lockyer St. John's Newfoundland
Candice Loveless St. John's Newfoundland
Paradise Newfoundland
Katie Luther Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Paradise Newfoundland
Michelle MacKenzie St. john's Newfoundland
Stephanie Mandville Avondale Newfoundland
Gina Manual Holyrood Newfoundland
Chantal March Logy Bay Newfoundland
Carrie Marshall Goulds Newfoundland
Jade Marshall St. Johns Newfoundland
Dan Martin St. John's Newfoundland
St. John’s Newfoundland
Ruby Martin Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Bonita Masters St. John's Newfoundland
Erica McCarthy Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Shelby McCartney Paradise Newfoundland
Kim McDonald Paradise Newfoundland
Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Morgan McMann St johns Newfoundland
SONIA MEADUS C.B.S. Newfoundland
Karen Mearow Portugal Cove-St Philips Newfoundland
Babette Meister St John's Newfoundland
Jovie Meister St johns Newfoundland
Jayden Mercer Flatrock Newfoundland
Natasha Mercer Flatrock Newfoundland
Carl Middleton St Johns Newfoundland
St.johns Newfoundland
Daniel Molloy Paradise Newfoundland
Pam Molloy Paradise Newfoundland
Russell Molloy Paradise Newfoundland
Charley-Ann Moss St.john's Newfoundland
Candace Mugford Clarkes Beach Newfoundland
Krystal Mulley St. John's Newfoundland
Allie Murphy St John's Newfoundland
Bay Roberts Newfoundland
Ashley Murphy St John's Newfoundland
Bay Roberts Newfoundland
Lynn Murray Paradise Newfoundland
Marion Noseworthy Paradise Newfoundland
Samantha Noseworthy Paradise Newfoundland
Shelley O'Brien Torbay Newfoundland
Margaret O'Keefe ST. JOHN'S Newfoundland
Andrea O'Neill ST. JOHN'S Newfoundland
Ellen Oliver St. John's Newfoundland
Julie Orr Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Samantha Parrell Torbay Newfoundland
Susan Parsons St. John Newfoundland
Carla Pawley Paradise Newfoundland
JoAnne Peckford Portugal Cove-St. Philip's Newfoundland
Dawn Peckham Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Chris Pelley Bishops falls Newfoundland
Angela Penney Paradise Newfoundland
nathan piercey St. John's Newfoundland
St. John's Newfoundland
Connie Pittman Paradise Newfoundland
Andrea Pope Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Jennifer Porter St. John's Newfoundland
Kurt Porter Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Max Porter St. John's Newfoundland
Michelle Porter Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Ashley Power St. John's Newfoundland
Bill Power Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Claudette Power Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Paradise Newfoundland
Kendra Power Paradise Newfoundland
Kiera Power Upper Island Cove Newfoundland
Michelle Power Tors Cove Newfoundland
Pamela Power Whitless Bay Newfoundland
Laura Purchase CBS Newfoundland
Angela Quinton St Johns Newfoundland
Felicia Radford Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Patrick Ring St. John?s Newfoundland
Steve Ring St. John?s Newfoundland
Shirley Roche Goulds Newfoundland
Paula Rodgers Paradise Newfoundland
Sue Rodgers St. John's Newfoundland
Michaela Roebothan St. John's Newfoundland
Susan Rumsey St. John Newfoundland
Massey drive Newfoundland
Jeanine Scott CBS Newfoundland
Paradise Newfoundland
Katie Skanes Paradise Newfoundland
Matt Skeffington Massey drive Newfoundland
Paradise Newfoundland
Lisa Smart St. John's Newfoundland
Joel Smith St. John's Newfoundland
Denise Snow St. John’s Newfoundland
Karen Snow St. John�s Newfoundland
Melissa Snow St. John’s Newfoundland
sandra snow-clarke clarkes beach Newfoundland
Anna Sparkes Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Chase Sparkes St. John Newfoundland
Tracey Sparkes Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Carolyn STACEY St. john's Newfoundland
Andrew Standen St. John's Newfoundland
Brenda lee Steele CBS Newfoundland
ST Johns Newfoundland Newfoundland
Kelsey Strowbridge Marystown Newfoundland
Kerry Strowbridge Paradise Newfoundland
Merrill Taylor St. John's Newfoundland
Marcus Thomson St. John's Newfoundland
Heather Tizzard St. John?s Newfoundland
Jennifer Tucker Paradise Newfoundland
Cindy Vincent CBS Newfoundland
Jacob Vincent CBS Newfoundland
Jorja Wadman St. John's Newfoundland
Ray Wadman St. John's Newfoundland
Judy Walsh Ferryland Newfoundland
Sean Walsh Ferryland Newfoundland
Tina Walsh Flatrock Newfoundland
LUCY WAY GOULDS Newfoundland
Marlene West Paraduse Newfoundland
Jennifer Whalen St.johns Newfoundland
Catherine White Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Emily White Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Jennifer White Paradise Newfoundland
Kristen White St. John’s Newfoundland
Yolanda Wiersma St. John’s Newfoundland
Megan Willette Paradise Newfoundland
Arlene Williams Goulds Newfoundland
Donald Williams St. Johns Newfoundland
Donnie Williams Paradise Newfoundland
Mary Williams St. Johns Newfoundland
Garnett Wilson St. John's Newfoundland
Jennifer Winsor St. John's Newfoundland
Dennis Yap St. Johns Newfoundland

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