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Rotary Run for Life - 16th Annual
5K Run or Walk - No Chipped


Bib Number Name City Province
5850 Rachelle Aime Edmonton Alberta
5851 Trevor Aime 20636 92ave Alberta
5852 Edmonton Alberta
5853 Edmonton Alberta
5854 Edmonton Alberta
5855 Robyn Amerongen Edmonton Alberta
5856 Joyce Armitage Parkland County Alberta
5858 Tamara Auriat Parkland county Alberta
5859 Elrick Bachor EDMONTON Alberta
5860 Ava Ball Spruce Grove Alberta
5861 Lincoln Ball Spruce Grove Alberta
5862 Jeni Barchard Edmonton Alberta
5863 Spruce Grove Alberta
5864 Eva Beyer Stony Plain Alberta
5865 TJ Beyer Stony Plain Alberta
5866 Marcel Boisvert Parkland County Alberta
5867 Margaret Boisvert Parkland County Alberta
5869 Rick Bugslag SPRUCE GROVE Alberta
5870 Sarah Bugslag SPRUCE GROVE Alberta
5871 Shannon Canning Drayton Valley Alberta
5872 Aaron Carlson Spruce Grove Alberta
5873 Nicole Cieslikowski Hinton Alberta
5874 Sharon Couchman Edmonton Alberta
5875 Regan Crooks Spruce Grove Alberta
5876 Samantha Dion Stony Plain Alberta
5877 Edmonton Alberta
5878 Ida Elliott Leduc Alberta
5879 Paul Elzinga Spruce Grove Alberta
5880 Teresa Elzinga Spruce Grove Alberta
5881 Sherry Farewell Spruce Grove Alberta
5882 Laura Galbraith Edmonton Alberta
5883 Elisa Gaspar Quan Edmonton Alberta
5884 Spruce Grove Alberta
5885 Braeden George Edmonton Alberta
5886 Howie Gilchrist Parkland County Alberta
5887 Jessica Graden Spruce Grove Alberta
5888 staci hajjar STONY PLAIN, Alberta
5889 Karissa Haskill Spruce Grove Alberta
5890 Strathmore Alberta
5891 Emma Herle Stony Plain Alberta
5892 Kandice Hill HInton Alberta
5893 Taylon Holdsworth Edmonton Alberta
5894 Jean Howard Stony Plain Alberta
5895 Nathan Hudson Spruce Grove Alberta
5896 Katie Jolicoeur Spruce Grove Alberta
5897 Spruce grove Alberta
Edmonton Alberta
5898 Myrna Kerr HInton Alberta
5899 Alexandra Kiezik Spruce Grove Alberta
5900 Spruce Grove Alberta
5901 Spruce Grove Alberta
5902 Colin Kuefler Edmonton Alberta
5903 Therese Kuefler Edmonton Alberta
5904 Shawna Kuhl Parkland County Alberta
5905 Edmonton Alberta
5906 Deneen Lafreniere-Roth Spruce Grove Alberta
5907 Briana Lambert Spruce Grove Alberta
5908 Kendra Long Spruce Grove Alberta
5909 Swan Hills Alberta
5910 Melide Mackee Stony Plain Alberta
5912 Kristen Mayner Spruce Grove Alberta
5913 Edmonton Alberta
5914 Cody McFadgen Spruce Grove Alberta
5915 Marlene McNaughton Edmonton Alberta
5916 Spruce Grove Alberta
5917 Spruce Grove Alberta
5918 Jeff Mulroy Spruce Grove Alberta
5919 Stony Plain Alberta
5920 Shonagh Murdoch Stony Plain Alberta
5921 Thomas Palutke Edmonton Alberta
5922 Mickayla Panchuk Parkland County Alberta
5923 Jordan Peel Onoway Alberta
5924 Manuela Peel Onoway Alberta
5925 Leslie Quilter Spruce Grove Alberta
5927 Sherwood Park Alberta
5928 Sherwood Park Alberta
5929 alyssa ratti Spruce Grove Alberta
5930 Josie Rehmann Edmonton Alberta
5931 Brenda Renaud Spruce Grove Alberta
5932 Spruce Grove Alberta
5933 Jody Robins Stony Plain Alberta
5934 meagan Roed SPRUCE GROVE Alberta
5935 Wyatt Rogers Spruce Grove Alberta
5937 Troy Roth Spruce Grove Alberta
5938 Summer Sharphead Stony Plain Alberta
5939 Dianne Shennan Stony Plain Alberta
5940 Alysson Shermack Stony Plain Alberta
5941 Jayson Shermack Stony Plain Alberta
5942 Randy Shermack Stony Plain Alberta
5943 Sandy Shermack Stony Plain Alberta
5944 Kim Sinnott stony plain Alberta
5945 Parkland County Alberta
5946 Parkland County Alberta
5947 Abigail Smith Spruce Grove Alberta
5948 Angie Smith Stony Plain Alberta
5949 Kayla Smith Spruce Grove Alberta
5950 Carol Stevenson Lloydminster Alberta
5951 Curtis Stewart St. Alberta Alberta
5952 Karmen Suitor Spruce grove Alberta
5953 Joanna Taets Von Amerongen Edmonton Alberta
5954 Emmie Taylor Spruce Grove Alberta
5955 Kate Taylor stony plain Alberta
5956 Naomi VandeVoorde Hinton Alberta
5957 St Albert Alberta
5958 Regina Saskatchewan
5959 Regina Saskatchewan
5960 Edmonton Alberta
5961 Parkland County Alberta
5962 Diana Walters Edmonton Alberta
5963 Gage Walters Edmonton Alberta
5964 Tanner Watmough Spruce Grove Alberta
5965 Carrie Webber Stony Plain Alberta
5966 Khloe Webber Stony Plain Alberta
5967 Tiffany Zender Spruce Grove Alberta
5969 Bogdan Zygadlo Whitecourt Alberta
5970 Maja Zygadlo Edmonton Alberta

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