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8K Roody 2022
8K Run Walk


Bib Number Name City Province
Kelly Aung St. John's Newfoundland
Dylan Baird Conception bay south Newfoundland
Sylvia Barrett Paradise Newfoundland
Jessica Barron St. John’s Newfoundland
Riley Branton Holyrood Newfoundland
Sandra Cable C.B.S. Newfoundland
Joseph Carbage Paradise Newfoundland
Abagail Chubb Holyrood Newfoundland
Josh Cole CBS Nova Scotia
Kayla Cole Spring Texas
Nick Collett Holyrood Newfoundland
Jim Corbett Harbour Main Newfoundland
Mark Corbett Harbour Main Newfoundland
Phillip Corbett Mt. Pearl Newfoundland
Logan Crowley Holyrood Newfoundland
Philip Crowley Holyrood Newfoundland
Sherry Crowley Holyrood Newfoundland
Paradise Newfoundland
Nicole Emberley Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Linda Ennis Holyrood Newfoundland
Allan Espinosa Surrey Other
Mariann Evans CBS Newfoundland
Lenny French Paradise Newfoundland
Nadine Glynn St. John's Newfoundland
Deirdre Halliday Middle cove Newfoundland
Joshua Handrigan St. John's Newfoundland
Samantha Harper Happy Valley-Goose Bay Newfoundland
Kyle Hawco Holyrood Newfoundland
Chantel Healey Chapels Cove Newfoundland
Bradley Hickey St. John's Newfoundland
Nicole Hollohan St. John's Newfoundland
Paradise Newfoundland
Tristan Jenkins Carbonear Newfoundland
George Kennedy Holyrood Newfoundland
Tyler Kennedy MIDDLE COVE Newfoundland
Carolyn KENNELL Paradise Newfoundland
Leslie Kenny Harbour Main Newfoundland
Greg Lawlor Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Joe MacDonald St. John's Newfoundland
Mark Maloney Holyrood Newfoundland
Teri-lynn Myers Chapel's Cove Newfoundland
Matthew Noseworthy Paradise Newfoundland
Colleen O'Brien Toronto Ontario
Jane Pope St. John’s Newfoundland
Ashley Power St. John's Newfoundland
Brittney Power Holyrood Newfoundland
Paul Reddy CBS Newfoundland
Angela Rees St. John's Newfoundland
Robert Rees St. John's Newfoundland
sandra Squires Holyrood Newfoundland
Julia Summers Conception bay south Newfoundland
Robin Summers Conception bay south Newfoundland
Dan Sweeney Holyrood Newfoundland
Sharon Trainor St. John's Newfoundland
Jennifer Voisey St. John's Newfoundland
Jalen Vokey Chapels Cove Newfoundland
Sarah Walsh St. John's Newfoundland
London Ontario
Andrew White St. John's Newfoundland
Taner Whitty Holyrood Newfoundland
Evan Woodford Holyrood Newfoundland

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