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MADD Canada PIA Law Strides for Change - 2016
Team Registration


Bib Number Name City Province
Andrew Stalteri Brampton Ontario
Angrene Fairclough-Henry Toronto Ontario
Antonella Gatto Mississauga Ontario
beth harris leamington Ontario
Brandi Gillett Stratford Ontario
Brian Wijeratne Mississauga Ontario
Briar Rodgers Oakville Ontario
Toronto Ontario
Christine Bujold Burlington Ontario
Dani Aleksandrova Concord Ontario
Daniel Hogg Mississauga Ontario
Daniel McFarlane Keswick Ontario
Danielle Comeau Mississauga Ontario
Dante Grillone Mississauga Ontario
Daryll O'Keefe Mississauga Ontario
David Burrows Toronto Ontario
David Holland Brampton Ontario
David Le Mississauga Ontario
David Seenath Brampton Ontario
Diana Bossilkova Oakville Ontario
Dominique Dumas Toronto Ontario
Don Thomson Georgetown Ontario
Burlington Ontario
Ekaterina Petkova Toronto Ontario
Emanuel Grillone Mississauga Ontario
Emma Buczolits Burlington Ontario
Emma Wilson Oakville Ontario
Eric Wong Mississauga Ontario
Erica Iarusso Toronto Ontario
Evan Trofimchuk Mississauga Ontario
Hannah Winter Oakville Ontario
He Jiang Mississauga Ontario
Jacqueline Brady Georgetown Ontario
James Howie Etobicoke Ontario
Jamie Rodrigues Mississauga Ontario
Oakville Ontario
Jaswinder Mundi Brampton Ontario
Jeff Newhouse Mississauga Ontario
Jesse Cappel Toronto Ontario
Jesse Gilbert waterford Ontario
toronto Ontario
John Wee Tom Mississauga Ontario
Jordan Kord Sudbury Ontario
Jordan Snowie Toronto Ontario
Jordi Goldberg Peterborough Ontario
Juliann Taylor Toronto Ontario
Karamjit Khangura Brampton Ontario
Karen Benner Markham Ontario
Karen Whisken Oakville Ontario
Katarina Tomasevic Toronto Ontario
Etobicoke Ontario
Kelly Auger Milton Ontario
Ken McFarlane Keswick Ontario
Kira Thomson Oakville Ontario
Laura Pennings Mississauga Ontario
Lisa Babcock Toronto Ontario
Lisa Gatto Mississauga Ontario
Lynda Gillett Georgetown Ontario
Madeline McGown Toronto Ontario
Madison DeSousa Toronto Ontario
Manuela Wee Tom Mississauga Ontario
Marco Gatto Mississauga Ontario
Mariane Hines Burlington Ontario
Mark Edwards Mississauga Ontario
Mary Thomson Georgetown Ontario
Matthew McLennan Burlington Ontario
Meaghan Riddell BURLINGTON Ontario
Melanie Wilson Oakville Ontario
Michael Brijbassi Brampton Ontario
Michelle McVicar Newmarket Ontario
Michelle Newhouse Mississauga Ontario
Mike Winter Oakville Ontario
Naomi Onwudiwe Mississauga Ontario
Mississauga Ontario
Oksana Dmytriv Woodbridge Ontario
Parminder Mundi Brampton Ontario
Patrick Lin Etobicoke Ontario
Patrick McLoughlin Toronto Ontario
Pierce Colley Guelph Ontario
randy harris leamington Ontario
Ray Chong Toronto Ontario
Rebecca McFarlane Keswick Ontario
Rebecca Thomson Acton Ontario
Rob Winter Oakville Ontario
Rosie McVicar Newmarket Ontario
Sara Prodanos Etobicoke Ontario
Sergio Grillone Mississauga Ontario
Shamus McLoughlin BURLINGTON Ontario
Shari Mogk-Edwards Mississauga Ontario
Sharon Winter Oakville Ontario
Shauna McLoughlin Hamilton Ontario
Shawn Clark Toronto Ontario
Mississauga Ontario
Susan Brady Georgetown Ontario
Teagan Butcher Milton Ontario
Todd Colley Guelph Ontario
Toronto Ontario
Milton Ontario
Triona Curran Etobicoke Ontario
Valya Tsaneva Toronto Ontario
Victor Tsanev Toronto Ontario
Vladana Zlatic Toronto Ontario
Wei Jiang Mississauga Ontario
William Eveleigh Toronto Ontario
Xhenis Ereqi Mississauga Ontario

Note: Click column headings to sort the confirmation list.

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