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Unionville Festival Funky 5K - 2018
2K Schools Only


Bib Number Name City Province
Amreeta Kaur Markham Ontario
Cecilia Ma Markham Ontario
Jay Singh-McIntosh Markham Ontario
Julie Chapman Markham Ontario
Kobe Yu Markham Ontario
Lyla Meanchoff Markham Ontario
Vivian Xia Markham Ontario
Adam Utarid Nobleton Ontario
Sophia Utarid Nobleton Ontario
Annissa Lall North York Ontario
Jakob Goldstein Pickering Ontario
Liza Chan Thornhill Ontario
Thornhill Ontario
Abigail Gal Toronto Ontario
Alexandra Kindos Toronto Ontario
Barbara Taerk Toronto Ontario
Charles Taerk Toronto Ontario
Toronto Ontario
Josh Taerk Toronto Ontario
Joshua Yong TORONTO Ontario
Khayal Waljee Toronto Ontario
Madison YONG TORONTO Ontario
Mary Kindos Toronto Ontario
Matthew Taerk Toronto Ontario
Nicole Kindos Toronto Ontario
Noemi Gal Toronto Ontario
Patricia Launt Toronto Ontario
Peter Kindos Toronto Ontario
Ryan Taerk Toronto Ontario
Ryley YONG TORONTO Ontario
Sari Taerk Toronto Ontario
Victor Launt Toronto Ontario
Zach Taerk Toronto Ontario

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