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34th Anniversary 20 Minute Challenge - Canada 2018
Family Registration


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Bib Number Name City Province
Team Awesome    
Alanna Morley Abbotsford British Columbia
Jason Bush Abbotsford British Columbia
Charlie Bush Abbotsford British Columbia
Henry Bush Abbotsford British Columbia
Davie/Alcock Family    
Cheryl Davie Abbotsford British Columbia
Seth Davie Abbotsford British Columbia
Nadia Alcock Abbotsford British Columbia
Karen Alcock Abbotsford British Columbia
Toes Optional    
Julie Barr Abbotsford British Columbia
Michael Barr Abbotsford British Columbia
Mackenzie Barr Abbotsford British Columbia
Hayley Barr Abbotsford British Columbia
Team DH    
Shirley Hewko Abbotsford British Columbia
Darren Hewko Abbotsford British Columbia
van Asseldonk’s on the run    
Meg van Asseldonk Acton Ontario
Luke van Asseldonk Acton Ontario
Pete van Asseldonk Acton Ontario
Isaac van Asseldonk Acton Ontario
Evelyn Anne van Asseldonk Acton Ontario
Mark van Asseldonk Acton Ontario
Elke Smith Ajax Ontario
John Smith Ajax Ontario
Liam Smith Ajax Ontario
The Carters    
Joann Carter Amherst Nova Scotia
Mason Carter AMHERST Nova Scotia
Jessie Carter AMHERST Nova Scotia
Ross Jenkins    
Ellie Jenkins Ross BARRIE Ontario
Tyler Ross Barrie Ontario
Brooklyn Ross Barrie Ontario
Maverick Ross Barrie Ontario
Sharon Jenkins Barrie Ontario
Jojo Mayhew Barrie Ontario
Eddie Mayhew barrie Ontario
Madi Mayhew Barrie Ontario
Best Family Ever!    
Oralee Kubicek Beaumont Alberta
Tyson Oxner Beaumont Alberta
Sydney Oxner Beaumont Alberta
The Green Machines    
Anna Clarke-Green Beaver Bank Nova Scotia
Taylor Green Beaver Bank Nova Scotia
Nathan Green Beaver Bank Nova Scotia
Craig Green Beaver Bank Nova Scotia
Team Millie    
Judy Dubois Bedford Nova Scotia
Sadie Dubois Bedford Nova Scotia
Nate Dubois Bedford Nova Scotia
Famille Levesque    
Sylvain Levesque Boisbriand Quebec
Marie-Josée Normand Boisbriand Quebec
Rosalie Levesque Boisbriand Quebec
Alexia Levesque Boisbriand Quebec
Angélie Levesque Boisbriand Quebec
Émilien Larouche Boisbriand Quebec
Shawn Roy-Assayag Boisbriand Quebec
MARTIN BROSSEAU Boucherville Quebec
Candide Hebert Boucherville Quebec
DSouza Team    
Alice DSouza Brampton Ontario
Cleophas DSouza Brampton Ontario
Nakita DSouza Brampton Ontario
Jairus DSouza Brampton Ontario
Soul Movers    
Amy May Brampton Ontario
Cosmo Komorek Brampton Ontario
Team Y    
LORENA YUMUL Brampton Ontario
Anthony Yumul Brampton Ontario
Rainier Yumul Brampton Ontario
Riana Yumul Brampton Ontario
Benders North Office    
Rob Hyndman Brampton Ontario
Grace Hyndman Brampton Ontario
Isabella Hyndman Brampton Ontario
Abigail Hyndman Brampton Ontario
The Scriven's    
Sarah Scriven Brampton Ontario
Chris Scriven Brampton Ontario
Boudot Family    
Brianna Boudot Brampton Ontario
Elijah Boudot Brampton Ontario
Famille Tang    
Carolina Lee Brossard Quebec
Han Wen Tang Brossard Quebec
Matthias Tang Brossard Quebec
Nicolas Tang Brossard Quebec
Lucas Tang Brossard Quebec
Koichi Ginnan Burlington Ontario
Hiroko Ginnan Burlington Ontario
Snowflake Bookclub    
Michelle Turnbull Burlington Ontario
Rebecca McKenzie Burlingto Ontario
Wendy Cerilli Burlingto Ontario
Jackie Jones Burlington Ontario
Cameron Cruisers    
Alex Lau Burnaby British Columbia
Angela Lau Burnaby British Columbia
Jose Mathew Caledon Ontario
sandra mathew Caledon Ontario
The Mo Trio    
Dave Morrison Caledonia Ontario
Nadine Morrison Caledonia Ontario
Sébastien Morrison Caledonia Ontario
Afsaneh Vilani Calgary Alberta
Siavash Sheikh Zenodiin Calgary Alberta
Nika Sheikh Zenodiin Calgary Alberta
Aryana Sheikh Zenodiin Calgary Alberta
Linda Shaw Calgary Alberta
James Gang    
BRAD JAMES Calgary Alberta
Kerri James Calgary Alberta
Sydney James Calgary Alberta
Carmen Bayyouk Calgary Alberta
Jiryes Ghandour CALGARY Alberta
Tia Ghandour CALGARY Alberta
Rami Ghandour CALGARY Alberta
Carla Bayyouk Calgary Alberta
Bassima Bayyouk Calgary Alberta
Haskel Sabillon Calgary Alberta
Carla Bayyouk Calgary Alberta
Carla Bayyouk Calgary Alberta
Carla Bayyouk Calgary Alberta
Carla Bayyouk Calgary Alberta
Carla Bayyouk Calgary Alberta
Carla Bayyouk Calgary Alberta
The Guy's    
Peyton Guy Calgary Alberta
Derek Guy Calgary Alberta
Run For Life    
Daron Wong Calgary Alberta
Diane Wong Calgary Alberta
Shania Wong Pictou Nova Scotia
Brandon Wong Pictou Nova Scotia
Hunan Runners    
Jin Deng Calgary Alberta
Leo Shi Calgary Alberta
Shaoxiong Deng Calgary Alberta
Huizhen Nie Calgary Alberta
Yuxiang Shi Calgary Alberta
Lutz on the Loose    
Kelly Lutz CALGARY Alberta
Patrick Lutz Calgary Alberta
Jennaya Lutz Calgary Alberta
Sydney Lutz Calgary Alberta
Terrific Turners    
Letitia Turner Calgary Alberta
Dustin Turner Calgary Alberta
Maelle Turner Calgary Alberta
Alexa Turner Calgary Alberta
Smith & Churcher    
Rachel Smith Calgary Alberta
Margaret Churcher Calgary Alberta
Nelson Smith Calgary Alberta
Leigh family    
SHEILA LEIGH calgary Alberta
Peter Leigh Calgary Alberta
Hustons and Page    
Stacey Page Calgary Alberta
Michael Huston Calgary Alberta
Hayley Huston Calgary Alberta
James Huston Calgary Alberta
Liang Family    
Stella zhang calgary Alberta
Andrew Liang calgary Alberta
Sophie Liang calgary Alberta
Susan Little Calgary Alberta
Stan Neibauer Calgary Alberta
Thomas McCallum Calgary Alberta
Amanda McCallum Calgary Alberta
Cheyanne Mattern Calgary Alberta
Adalynn McCallum Calgary Alberta
Kody Mattern Calgary Alberta
Noah McCallum Calgary Alberta
Caleb McCallum Calgary Alberta
Adele Mattern Calgary Alberta
Watson Clan    
Wendie Watson Calgary Alberta
Tomas Watson Calgary Alberta
Stephanie Watson Calgary Alberta
Perry Watson Calgary Alberta
Famille Marin    
Christine Marin CAMBRIDGE Ontario
Daniel Marin Cambridge Ontario
Gabrielle Marin Cambridge Ontario
Matthieu Marin Cambridge Ontario
The Hughes family    
Debby Hughes Cardigan Prince Edward Island
George Hughes Cardigan Prince Edward Island
Lyndsay MacDonald Cardigan Prince Edward Island
Kaitlyn Robbins Cardigan Prince Edward Island
Amanda Mellish Cardigan Prince Edward Island
Andrew MacDonald Cardigan Prince Edward Island
Andrew Hughes Cardigan Prince Edward Island
Team Mills    
Wendy Mills Charters Settlement New Brunswick
Stephen Mills Charters Settlement New Brunswick
sophie bourget Chateauguay Quebec
Marc-Antoine Bourbonnais Chateauguay Quebec
Lawponda zoomers    
Tracy Lawrence Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Keaira Lawrence Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Alivia Lawrence pond Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Fit Family    
Erica Graham Coquitlam British Columbia
Chase Knutsen Coquitlam British Columbia
Kenzie Knutsen Coquitlam British Columbia
Awesome Fatiguso's    
Jennel Fatiguso Coquitlam British Columbia
Tony Fatiguso Coquitlam British Columbia
Coquitlam British Columbia
Coquitlam British Columbia
Hearton Booty bootcamp    
Lisa Kerr Courtice Ontario
zachariah Kerr COURTICE Ontario
zachariah Kerr COURTICE Ontario
Brantley Kerr COURTICE Ontario
Carrie Amo Courtice Ontario
Brenna Collins Courtice Ontario
Lisa Dougan COURTICE Ontario
Mona Amo Courtice Ontario
Crampton Chaos    
Mike Crampton Didsbury Alberta
Ally Crampton Didsbury Alberta
Zoe Crampton Didsbury Alberta
Georgia Crampton Didsbury Alberta
Everett Crampton Didsbury Alberta
Team Fredrickson    
Edmonton Alberta
Edmonton Alberta
Edmonton Alberta
Belarmino family    
Amber Belarmino Edmonton Alberta
Aaron Belarmino Edmonton Alberta
Betty Dolman Edmonton Alberta
Dave Dolman Edmonton Alberta
Kale Dolman Edmonton Alberta
Grier Dolman Edmonton Alberta
CANDICE FARRANT Edmonton Alberta
Kyle Farrant Edmonton Alberta
The Goodwins    
Irina Goodwin Edmonton Alberta
Stas Goodwin Edmonton Alberta
Vlad Goodwin Edmonton Alberta
Stephen Goodwin Edmonton Alberta
Wierd Rapper    
June Wiersma Edmonton Alberta
Edward Wiersma Edmonton Alberta
Elaine Rapp Edmonton Alberta
Alex Rapp Edmonton Alberta
Nicolas Rapp Edmonton Alberta
Natasha Rapp Edmonton Alberta
Bob Loblaw    
Jonathan Lee Edmonton Alberta
Baillie Clan    
Syanne Baillie Edmonton Alberta
William Baillie Edmonton Alberta
Ken & Gale    
Ken Godbeer Edmonton Alberta
Gale Godbeer Edmonton Alberta
Wong Way runners    
Len Wong Edmonton Alberta
Justina Wong Edmonton Alberta
Susanna Wong Edmonton Alberta
Vanessa Wong Edmonton Alberta
Alex3 Wong Edmonton Alberta
The Bookends    
Margo Carpenter EDMONTON Alberta
John Carpenter Edmonton Alberta
Shea Carpenter Edmonton Alberta
Erin Carpenter Edmonton Alberta
Francy Pants    
Marion Haggarty-France Edmonton Alberta
Dave France Edmonton Alberta
Shauna France Edmonton Alberta
Kyla France Edmonton Alberta
millie miles Edmonton Alberta
Melanie miles Edmonton Alberta
Nataliya Kostyuk Edmonton Alberta
Daryna Kostyuk Edmonton Alberta
Runnning R.O.C.K.S.    
Ralph Ennis-Davis Edmonton Alberta
Christina Ennis-Davis Edmonton Alberta
Kaleb Ennis-Davis Edmonton Alberta
Owen Ennis-Davis Edmonton Alberta
Sophia Ennis-Davis Edmonton Alberta
Long Legged Llamas    
Edmonton Alberta
Edmonton Alberta
Edmonton Alberta
Team James    
Christopher James Edmonton Alberta
Patricia Prevost Edmonton Alberta
Victoria Prevost Edmonton Alberta
Alexandra Prevost Edmonton Alberta
Zoey James Edmonton Alberta
The Winners    
Melanie Poulin Embrun Ontario
Vincent Joanette Embrun Ontario
Walk for Fun and Fitness    
David Wang Etobicoke Ontario
Samantha Soo Chin Sun Etobicoke Ontario
Aidan Wang Etobicoke Ontario
Emma Wang Etobicoke Ontario
Team Muddis    
Rahul Rani Etobicoke Ontario
Trikala Namuduru Etobicoke Ontario
Team Yu    
Steph Yu Etobicoke Ontario
Emerson Yu Etobicoke Ontario
Teaghan Yu Etobicoke Ontario
Steve and the Steves    
STEVE MATHEW Etobicoke Ontario
Daphne Hendsbee Etobicoke Ontario
Team Swan    
Jason Swan Fergus Ontario
Michelle Swan Fergus Ontario
Becca Swan Fergus Ontario
Hannah Swan Fergus Ontario
Griffin Swan Fergus Ontario
Team Pineau    
Stacey Pineau Fredericton New Brunswick
Ray Pineau Fredericton New Brunswick
Nick Pineau Fredericton New Brunswick
Ella Pineau Fredericton New Brunswick
Jennifer Carnes Gatineau Quebec
Richard Chenard Gatineau Quebec
Lysanne Doubt Gatineau Quebec
Nicholas Sacoutis Gatineau Quebec
Aylish Doubt-Savard Gatineau Quebec
The Awesome Chickens    
Marie-Pascal Berthelot Gatineau Quebec
Alex Meacoe Gatineau Quebec
Ronan Meacoe Gatineau Quebec
Larry Meacoe Barrhaven Ontario
Les GECM!    
Mylene Bordeleau Gatineau Quebec
Genevieve Corbin Gatineau Quebec
Brisson Evelyne Gatineau Quebec
Carolyn Lavoie Gatineau Quebec
Blanka Smetana Georgetown Ontario
Vladan Smetana Georgetown Ontario
Willem Smetana Georgetown Ontario
Albert Smetana Georgetown Ontario
Gimli Gliders    
Michelle Belanger Gimli Manitoba
Armand Belanger Gimli Manitoba
Oscar Belanger Gimli Manitoba
Madelyn Belanger Gimli Manitoba
Clifford Family    
Anna Pye-Clifford Guelph Ontario
Shawn Clifford Guelph Ontario
Maggie Clifford Guelph Ontario
Melissa Clifford Guelph Ontario
Saskia Rayner Guelph Ontario
James Rayner Guelph Ontario
Dirty Ridaz    
Tami Jollymore Halifax Nova Scotia
Wanda Jollymore Halifax Nova Scotia
Josh Clee Halifax Nova Scotia
Darwin Jollymore-Clee Halifax Nova Scotia
Lester Jollymore Halifax Nova Scotia
Team Sun    
Shujie Gao Halifax Nova Scotia
Jiarui Gao Halifax Nova Scotia
xiuqin Lei Halifax Nova Scotia
hongyun SUN Halifax Nova Scotia
Happy Feet    
Jean Brookings Hamilton Ontario
Tom Brookings Hamilton Ontario
Aiden Dakin Hamilton Ontario
Keira Wichert-Haluska Hamilton Ontario
Sara Wichert Hamilton Ontario
Brysen Wichert Hamilton Ontario
Team Kelly    
Deanna Kelly Hanwell New Brunswick
Chris Kelly Hanwell New Brunswick
Cohen Kelly Hanwell New Brunswick
Kaitlyn Kelly Hanwell New Brunswick
Team Costello    
Gerald Costello Harbour Main Newfoundland
Stephanie Costello St. John's Newfoundland
Aria Costello St. John's Newfoundland
Dain Costello St. John's Newfoundland
Team Nidi    
Marco Niederegger Hawkesbury Ontario
Alana Niederegger Hawkesbury Ontario
Georgia Niederegger Hawkesbury Ontario
Daniel Niederegger Hawkesbury Ontario
Alana Niederegger Hawkesbury Yukon
Team Zombies    
Daryl Erwin HEIDELBERG Ontario
natalie erwin heidelberg Ontario
mathew erwin heidelberg Ontario
The Alberts    
Linda Albert Kanata Ontario
John Albert Kanata Yukon
Paula Breen Kanata Ontario
Chris Breen Kanata Ontario
Mike Bosnich Kanata Ontario
Whynn Bosnich Kanata Ontario
Claire Bosnich Kanata Ontario
Donovan Bosnich Kanata Ontario
Team Cruzers    
Justine Cruz Kelowna British Columbia
Chloë Cruz Kelowna British Columbia
Team McKie    
Kathy Callahan Kitchener Ontario
Stewart McKie Kitchener Ontario
Mason McKie Kitchener Ontario
ANNA MAXIMOVA Kleinburg Ontario
Varvara Nikulenko Kleinburg Ontario
Olga Zhuravleva Kleinburg Ontario
Maxim Nikulenko Kleinburg Ontario
Team Sherwood    
Lisa Sherwood Langley British Columbia
Cameron Sherwood Langley British Columbia
Ken Sherwood Langley British Columbia
Fred Villaver    
Fred Villaver London Ontario
Oliver Ted Villaver London Ontario
Tristan Xian Villaver London Ontario
Vivian Carandang London Ontario
Det Villaver London Ontario
Janet Boychuk London Ontario
Donato Diponio London Ontario
Ben Diponio London Ontario
Jeremy Diponio London Ontario
Jenna Boychuk London Ontario
Kellie Boychuk London Ontario
The Mitts Smits    
Linda DiLoreto-Smits London Ontario
Martin Smits London Ontario
Jacob Smits London Ontario
Chase Away 20 Minutes    
Lindsay Elliott London Ontario
Alex Fitzgerald-Black London Ontario
Sunny and Freddy    
sunita gill London Ontario
Frederick Schaeffer London Ontario
Les joyeuses comparses    
Anita Ghezza Longueuil Quebec
cathy Goulet Ste-Julie Quebec
Tyson Mclellan Maple ridge British Columbia
audrey McLellan Maple Ridge British Columbia
Team Maddy Yu    
Jonathan Yu Markham Ontario
Diana Chiu Markham Ontario
Madison Yu Markham Ontario
Lau Family    
Larry Lau Markham Ontario
Jaclyn Lau Markham Ontario
Hanson Lau Markham Ontario
Mason Lau Markham Ontario
Jack Hong    
Na Mi Markham Ontario
Xu Hong Markham Ontario
Blanco Gonzalez    
Raudy Blanco correa markham Ontario
Leidy Gonzalez Markham Ontario
Principio Yong    
Sally Principio-Yong Markham Ontario
Alexander Yong Markham Ontario
Team Awesome    
Michelle Eisses Midhurst Ontario
Briar Eisses Midhurst Ontario
Cooper Eisses Midhurst Yukon
A3 Powers    
Amit Bhadsavale MILTON Ontario
Aadi Bhadsavale MILTON Ontario
Anu Bhadsavale MILTON Ontario
Les tortues    
Ginette Vanier Mirabel Quebec
Pierre Guillemette Mirabel Quebec
Grandma and the Littles    
Marilyn Richardson Mission British Columbia
Emma Routledge Mission British Columbia
Jay Routledge Mission British Columbia
Happy Family    
Frank Lu Mississauga Ontario
Sally Song Mississauga Ontario
Team Windwood    
Glenn Young Mississauga Ontario
Linda Young Mississauga Ontario
Allison Grey Mississauga Ontario
Mackenzie Grey Mississauga Ontario
Team Tikka    
Michelle Lambert Mississauga Ontario
Neomie Roffey Mississauga Ontario
Josee Roffey Mississauga Ontario
Mississauga Ontario
Yellow Light Squad    
Sulina Harianto MISSISSAUGA Ontario
Ludi Harianto Mississauga Ontario
Tiffany Harianto Mississauga Ontario
Kevin Harianto Mississauga Ontario
Grace Harianto Mississauga Ontario
nada Haouili Montréal Quebec
Yasmina Dion Montréal Quebec
Eric Dion Montréal Quebec
Boule d'énergie    
Pei-Yu Lin Montreal Quebec
Crystal Vo Montreal Quebec
Coralie Vo Montreal Quebec
Team Tzur    
Tomer Noyhouzer Montreal Quebec
Shilhav Mayo Montreal Quebec
Tzur Noyhouzer Montreal Quebec
E-Z :) BREEZY    
Lucie Luu Montreal Quebec
Montreal Quebec
Montreal Quebec
Montreal Quebec
Team In The Woods    
NAOMI ONO Mountain Grove Ontario
Natsuki Ono Mountain Grove Ontario
Hazuki Ono Mountain Grove Ontario
Team Howell    
Elaine Howell Mt. Pearl Newfoundland
Liam Howell Mt. Pearl Newfoundland
The Wall Flowers    
Heather MacDonald Nepean Ontario
Jonah Wall Ottawa Ontario
Justin Wall Ottawa Ontario
Linda Hanson New Westminster British Columbia
Bill Hanson New Westminster British Columbia
Rosie Klauke Newmarket Ontario
Michael Klauke Newmarket Ontario
Fiona klauke Newmarket Ontario
Leo Klauke Newmarket Ontario
Kevin Klauke Newmarket Ontario
The Sawatzkys    
Jenna Sawatzky Niverville Manitoba
Parker Sawatzky Niverville Manitoba
Mim and Guff    
Karen Wharington North Battleford Saskatchewan
Julie Wharington North Battleford Saskatchewan
York Mills Running Room    
Adam MacDonald North York Ontario
Scarlett MacDonald North York Ontario
The Luke-Elliotts    
DAYNA ELLIOTT North York Ontario
Michelle Luke North York Ontario
Ruby Luke-Elliott North York Ontario
Bennett Luke-Elliott North York Ontario
Alon Metser Oakville Ontario
Devin Kreuger Oakville Ontario
Walkers that Run    
Kimberley Walker Oakville Ontario
Jonah Walker Oakville Ontario
Avery Walker oakville Ontario
Run with mom    
Maggie Huang Oakville Ontario
Andrea Yan Oakville Ontario
Megan Yan Oakville Ontario
Jazzy Jones    
Wayne Jones Oakville Ontario
Kate Jones Oakville Ontario
The smiths    
michelle tanner Orillia Ontario
Robert Smith Orillia Ontario
Isaiah Smith Orillia Ontario
Ilamea Smith Orillia Ontario
Lacasse Family    
Anik Lacasse Orleans Ontario
Martin Lacasse Orleans Ontario
Hailey Lacasse Orleans Ontario
Vice is Nice    
John Vice Orleans Ontario
Rob Vice Orleans Ontario
Randy Jeddry Oromocto New Brunswick
Melissa Smith-Jeddry Oromocto New Brunswick
Victoria Jeddry Oromocto New Brunswick
Amanda Dorrian Oshawa Ontario
David Leroy Newcastle Ontario
Team Chewbaca.    
Christian matheson Oshawa Ontario
Apryll matheson Oshawa Ontario
Declan matheson Oshawa Ontario
Theodor matheson Oshawa Ontario
Walking Turtles    
Alicia Rosborough Ottawa Ontario
Violet Healey Ottawa Ontario
Jason Healey Ottawa Ontario
Andrew Atkinson OTTAWA Ontario
Elpi Karalis NEPEAN Ontario
Team Clark    
Michael Guttman Ottawa Ontario
Spencer Guttman Ottawa Ontario
Barroj Team    
Barbara Mingie Ottawa Ontario
Roger Glidden Ottawa Ontario
Team Cai-Lin Family and Friends    
bingbing cai Ottawa Ontario
Connor Lin Ottawa Ontario
Kaileigh Lin Ottawa Ontario
Sarah Martin Ottawa Ontario
The Kiersteads!    
Carrie Kierstead Ottawa Ontario
Barbara Kierstead Ottawa Ontario
Sterling Kierstead Ottawa Ontario
Love Bugs    
Eann Hodges Ottawa Ontario
Ben Kachmar Ottawa Ontario
ELSA LA CORTE Ottawa Ontario
Diego Garcia Ottawa Ontario
Diego Garcia Ottawa Ontario
Elsayed Ali Ottawa Ontario
Azza Jabakhanji Ottawa Ontario
Leena Alnemer Ottawa Ontario
Ryan Alnemer Ottawa Ontario
Chow family    
Gary Chow Ottawa Ontario
Isaac Chow Ottawa Ontario
Chan-Wyma Family Adventure    
Jane Ann Wyma Ottawa Ontario
Richard Chan Ottawa Ontario
Siew Pua Ottawa Ontario
Warren Soh Ottawa Ontario
Celeste Soh Ottawa Ontario
Ethan Soh Ottawa Yukon
Dirt Devils    
Virginie Werlen Ottawa Ontario
wes ball Vars Ontario
Mathias Sliwinski Ottawa Ontario
Mila Sliwinski Ottawa Ontario
Howell Family    
Edwina Howell Paradise Newfoundland
Jason Howell Paradise Newfoundland
Nathan Howell Paradise Newfoundland
Emma Howell Paradise Newfoundland
Team Adey    
Lindsay Adey Paradise Newfoundland
Jonathan Adey Paradise Newfoundland
Jackson Adey Paradise Newfoundland
Sharon Voss Parksville British Columbia
Darrel Voss Parksville British Columbia
Algonquin Girls    
jenn douglas peterborough Ontario
Violet Maguire Peterborough Ontario
Madi's Movers    
NANCY DOUSE Pickering Ontario
John Griffith Pickering Ontario
Meaghan Douse Pickering Ontario
Madison Douse-Schlag Pickering Ontario
Shona Douse Pickering Ontario
Heart & Sole    
Peter Postmus pierrefonds Quebec
Daniel Postmus pierrefonds Quebec
Gregor Postmus pierrefonds Quebec
Luna Leduc Pierrefonds Quebec
Riel Leduc Pierrefonds Quebec
Cindy Williams Port Coquitlam British Columbia
Adrienne Willems Port Coquitlam British Columbia
Catherine Willems Port Coquitlam British Columbia
Carnall family    
Angela Carnall Regina Saskatchewan
Lydia Carnall Regina Saskatchewan
Richard Family    
Marnie Richard Regina Saskatchewan
James Richard Regina Saskatchewan
Barrett Richard Regina Saskatchewan
Charlotte Richard Regina Saskatchewan
Braithwaite Four    
Meg Braithwaite Regina Saskatchewan
Derek Braithwaite Regina Saskatchewan
Matthew Braithwaite Regina Saskatchewan
Jocelyn Braithwaite Regina Saskatchewan
Cruise-Elsner Family    
Tatum Cruise Regina Saskatchewan
Blaine Elsner Regina Saskatchewan
Dylan Cruise-Elsner Regina Saskatchewan
Finn Cruise-Elsner Regina Saskatchewan
247 Run    
Andy jiang Richmond Hill Ontario
Judy Xin Richmond Hill Ontario
Jinfling fang Richmond Hill Ontario
Emily Jiang Richmond Hill Ontario
Xie Family    
Dong XIE Richmond Hill Ontario
Miao He Richmond Hill Ontario
Yuling Xie Richmond Hill Ontario
Yutian Xie Richmond Hill Ontario
Yang Family    
Fan Yang Richmond Hill Ontario
Angela Yang Richmond Hill Ontario
Jackson Yang Richmond Hill Ontario
Richmond hill Ontario
Richmond Hill Ontario
Richmond Hill Ontario
Jeanne Gallant SAINT JOHN New Brunswick
Randy Gallant Saint John New Brunswick
Thomas Gallant Saint John New Brunswick
The tortoise and the hares    
Phil Knee SAINT JOHN New Brunswick
Jill Knee Saint John New Brunswick
Emmett Knee Saint John New Brunswick
Ross Sinclair Saskatoon Saskatchewan
Linda Sinclair Saskatoon Saskatchewan
Kipa Eh Team    
Shelly Tootoosis Saskatoon Saskatchewan
Jody Lerat Saskatoon Saskatchewan
Maskwa Lerat Saskatoon Saskatchewan
Tyson Crate Saskatoon Saskatchewan
Milton Tootoosis Saskatoon Saskatchewan
Isaac Chung Scarborough Ontario
Lauren Chung Toronto Ontario
Noeline Rajaratnam Scarborough Ontario
Romesh Rajaratnam Scarborough Ontario
James Rajaratnam Scarborough Ontario
Emma Rajaratnam Scarborough Ontario
Wiseman Family    
Corinne Wiseman Sherwood Park Alberta
Brittany Wiseman Sherwood Park Alberta
Wallace Wiseman Sherwood Park Alberta
Paul Wiseman Sherwood Park Alberta
Amy Wiseman Sherwood Park Alberta
Don Felgate Sherwood Park Alberta
Joyce Cameron Sherwood Park Alberta
Julia Mahoney sherwood park Alberta
Lily Jackson Sherwood Park Alberta
Corbin JACKSON Sherwood Park Alberta
Kristin JACKSON Sherwood Park Alberta
Reese JACKSON Sherwood Park Alberta
The Rodents    
Kim Roden Sherwood Park Alberta
Cassara Roden Sherwood Park Alberta
Shirley Elliot Sherwood Park Alberta
Morgan Elliot Sh Pk Alberta
Conor Elliot Sh Pk Alberta
The Wright’s    
Susan Wright Sherwood Park Alberta
Jim Wright Sherwood Park Alberta
Team Holo    
David Hamilton Sidney British Columbia
Lisa Croteau Sidney British Columbia
Gavin Croteau Sidney British Columbia
Ethan Croteau Sidney British Columbia
5 Hill Girlz    
Kelly Hill st albert Alberta
Ryleigh Hill St.Albert Alberta
Megan Hill St.Albert Alberta
Kenna Hill St albert Alberta
Paige Hill St. Albert Alberta
Gould Gang    
Melanie Gould St Albert Alberta
Allan Gould St Albert Alberta
Carly Blemings St Albert Alberta
Nannys girls    
lori Lanphear st johns Newfoundland
Melissa Casey St johns Newfoundland
Charlotte Casey St johns Newfoundland
Madelyn Casey St johns Newfoundland
Oh Fox Creek    
Gerry Corley-Smith St. Albert Alberta
Lisa Corley-Smith St. Albert Alberta
Lema Fam    
Janis Lema St. Albert Alberta
Trevor Lema St. Albert Alberta
Brooklyn Lema St. Albert Alberta
Logan Lema St. Albert Alberta
the Footzes    
Sasha Footz St. Albert Alberta
Jimmy Footz St. Albert Alberta
Nancy Footz St. Albert Alberta
Team Shandor    
Trevor Hay St. Catharines Ontario
Team Fowler    
Amy Fowler St. John's Newfoundland
Benjamin Fowler St. John's Newfoundland
Vivienne Fowler St. John's Newfoundland
The Mayo's    
Gerry Mayo St. John's Newfoundland
KIm Mayo ST. JOHN'S Newfoundland
Katelyn Mayo ST. JOHN'S Newfoundland
Laura Mayo ST. JOHN'S Newfoundland
McDonald Family    
Pamela Martin-McDonald St. Johns Newfoundland
Scott McDonald St. John’s Newfoundland
Abigale McDonald St. John’s Newfoundland
Ethan McDonald St. John’s Newfoundland
Margaritaville Parrotheads    
April Sabourin Stittsville Ontario
Doug Sabourin Stittsville Ontario
PC Fam Jam    
Melissa Petit-Clerc Stittsville Ontario
Stephane Petit-Clerc Stittsville Ontario
Ben Petit-Clerc Stittsville Ontario
Tristan Petit-Clerc Stittsville Ontario
Caleb Petit-Clerc Stittsville Ontario
Hoover Family    
Derek Hoover Sturgeon County Alberta
Sharon Hoover Sturgeon County Alberta
Amanda Hoover Edmonton Alberta
The New Family Walkers    
Catherine Perrin Sudbury Ontario
Chad Sauve Sudbury Ontario
Ram Shrestha Sudbury Ontario
Tamara Shrestha Sudbury Ontario
Krystel And Her Roommates    
Krystel Houle Sudbury Ontario
Zoé Richard Sudbury Ontario
Jacob Richard Sudbury Ontario
Logan Richard Sudbury Ontario
Massa Family    
Connie Massa Surrey British Columbia
Monique Massa Surrey British Columbia
Leanne Massa Surrey British Columbia
Craig Johnson Langley British Columbia
Team Shami    
Jessica Yang Surrey British Columbia
Blake Shami Surrey British Columbia
Mila Shami Surrey British Columbia
Mike Shami Surrey British Columbia
Tortoise and the Hare    
Sara Walgren SURREY British Columbia
Jamie Walgren Surrey British Columbia
The Sanchez    
Yesenia Ricardo Surrey British Columbia
Jose Sanchez Surrey British Columbia
Jose Sanchez Surrey British Columbia
Elisa Sanchez Surrey British Columbia
The Clowater's    
Lacey Clowater Taymouth New Brunswick
David Clowater Taymouth New Brunswick
Beckett Clowater Taymouth New Brunswick
Mak attack    
Kristine Lindner thornhill Ontario
Chris Mak Thornhill Yukon
Thornhill Ontario
Thornhill Ontario
Leeann Organ THUNDER BAY Ontario
Arwyn MacIntosh Thunder Bay Ontario
Neven MacIntosh Thunder Bay Ontario
The Hermanators    
Liesl Herman THUNDER BAY Ontario
Shawn Herman Thunder Bay Ontario
Logan Herman Thunder Bay Ontario
Ron Britten Timberlea Nova Scotia
The funners    
Ethel Mcauley Toronto Ontario
Michael McAuley Toronto Ontario
Gage Hardgrove Toronto Ontario
The Nishikawa/Power/Taylor Team    
Gerry Power Toronto Ontario
Megumi Nishikawa Toronto Ontario
Cooper Taylor Toronto Ontario
Ray and Mama    
Jamila Al-balushi Toronto Ontario
Rayan Al-balushi toronto Ontario
Team Toronto    
Jane Yip Toronto Ontario
TERRY Yip Toronto Ontario
Jason Wong Toronto Ontario
jeannie wong toronto Ontario
Steven Yip Toronto Ontario
Toronto Ontario
Team Alma    
Joy Alma Toronto Ontario
Philip Alma Toronto Ontario
Ryder Alma Toronto Ontario
Magnus Alma Toronto Ontario
Mugford mayhem    
Kelly Mugford Toronto Ontario
Brian Gallie Toronto Ontario
Serena5 Mugford Toronto Ontario
Samantha Mugford Toronto Ontario
Megan Mugford Toronto Ontario
Adrian Mugford Toronto Ontario
Veyda Mugford Toronto Ontario
Aiden Mugford Toronto Ontario
Chu Family    
Liping Lin TORONTO Ontario
Norman Chu Toronto Ontario
Kailin Chu Toronto Ontario
Kaiyan Chu Toronto Ontario
Quebec Ave    
Luke McKay Toronto Ontario
Peggy Mitchell Toronto Ontario
Michael McDonald Toronto Ontario
Dave McDonald Toronto Ontario
Eileen McDonald Toronto Ontario
Rick McDonald Toronto Ontario
Bob McDonald Toronto Ontario
sue McDonald Toronto Ontario
Ron McDonald Toronto Ontario
Janet McDonald Toronto Ontario
Zippy Zarzosos    
Michelle Fortier Toronto Ontario
Gerald Zarzoso Toronto Ontario
Chloe Zarzoso Toronto Ontario
Reid Zarzoso Toronto Ontario
The Goofballs    
Namrita Harchandani Toronto Ontario
Abhin Chhabra Toronto Ontario
Paola Hernandez Toronto Ontario
Carmen Davila Toronto Ontario
Darlene MacNevin Toronto Ontario
Mark Kremblewski Toronto Ontario
Mommy and Khaelynn    
Soleil Perez Toronto Ontario
Khaelynn Perez Toronto Ontario
Thaddeus Aziz
Becker Family    
Tanya Becker Toronto Ontario
Lily Becker Toronto Ontario
Stephen Becker Toronto Ontario
DV FAM    
Lara Dalla-Vicenza Uxbridge Ontario
Lauren Dalla-Vicenza Uxbridge Ontario
Julia Dalla-Vicenza Uxbridge Ontario
Asher and Gran    
Ralph Zbarsky Vancouver British Columbia
Asher Mullard Vancouver British Columbia
Sady Zbarsky Vancouver British Columbia
DEREK TAYLOR Vancouver British Columbia
Jonny Rowsell Van British Columbia
Alberto Elkorobarrutia Vancouver British Columbia
Geoff Lyster Vancouver British Columbia
Tony Cuzzetto Vancouver British Columbia
Zoë Cuzzetto-Lyster Vancouver British Columbia
Finnegan Cuzzetto-Lyster Vancouver British Columbia
Downing Tans    
Jennifer Downing Vancouver British Columbia
Myles Tan Vancouver British Columbia
Marks Tan Vancouver British Columbia
The Koziers    
Marifi Kozier Vancouver British Columbia
Micah Kozier Vancouver British Columbia
King Ladies    
Roberta King Vancouver British Columbia
Mackenzie King Vancouver British Columbia
Lauren King Vancouver British Columbia
The Foote’s    
Stephanie Foote Vernon Bridge Prince Edward Island
Caleb Foote Vernon bridge Prince Edward Island
Clan McLeod    
Anne McLeod Vernon Bridge RR2 Prince Edward Island
Dave McLeod Vernon Bridge RR#2 Prince Edward Island
Nathan McLeod Vernon Bridge RR#2 Prince Edward Island
McGuire Family    
Alison McGuire Victoria British Columbia
Tim McGuire Victoria British Columbia
Caden McGuire Victoria British Columbia
Gabriel McGuire Victoria British Columbia
Chen-Mack family    
Betty Chen-Mack Victoria British Columbia
Lorne Mack Victoria British Columbia
Sara Chen-Mack Victoria British Columbia
Riley Chen-Mack Victoria British Columbia
The mighty Iruretagoyena’s    
Maria Iruretagoyena Victoria British Columbia
Jon Iruretagoyena Victoria British Columbia
Myles Garrison Victoria British Columbia
Amanda Gatrison Victoria British Columbia
Nathan Garrison Victoria British Columbia
Zara Garrison Victoria British Columbia
Chelsea Iruretagoyena Victoria British Columbia
Malakai Iruretagoyena Victoria British Columbia
Team Wong    
Norma Wong Victoria British Columbia
James Wong Victoria British Columbia
Alexa Wong Victoria British Columbia
Carissa Wong Victoria British Columbia
Capital City Run Crew    
Sarah Solaczek Victoria British Columbia
Carlos Rendon Victoria British Columbia
Brower Power    
April Brower Warner Alberta
Cass Vanloon Lethbridge Alberta
Lethbridge Alberta
Lethbridge Alberta
Wilby Family    
Natalie Wilby Waterdown Ontario
Kira Wilby Waterdown Ontario
Kendra wilby Waterdown Ontario
Elizabeth Wilby Waterdown Yukon
The Last 6 Miles    
Ivy Friedman Waterloo Yukon
Ori Friedman Waterloo Ontario
Rivi Friedman Waterloo Ontario
Kyri Friedman Waterloo Ontario
Aidan Kemp Whitby Yukon
Janine Kemp Whitby Ontario
Alejandra Monterrubio Whitby Ontario
Pamela Guerrero Whitby Ontario
Monique Muller-Law Whitby Ontario
David Law Whitby Ontario
Leslie Ann Hebb White Rock British Columbia
Jenna Hebb White Rock British Columbia
bo huang winnipeg Manitoba
Mingdi Zhao Winnipeg Manitoba
Zongzheng Zhao Winnipeg Manitoba
Shumin Yu Winnipeg Manitoba
One Step One Breath    
Bob Steinberg Winnipeg Manitoba
Julie Gold Steinberg Winnnipeg Manitoba
Harlow Girls    
Bonny Normand Winnipeg Manitoba
Taylor Moore Winnipeg Manitoba
Cindy Dobson Winnipeg Manitoba
Caden Dobson Winnipeg Manitoba
Ouellette Warriors    
Claude Ouellette Winnipeg Manitoba
Amelia Ouellette Winnipeg Manitoba
Natalie Ouellette Winnipeg Manitoba
Run Like the Winded    
Crystal McAlpine Winnipeg Manitoba
Winnipeg Manitoba
Gill Laberge Winnipeg Manitoba
Rene Laberge Winnipeg Manitoba
Uptown Funk    
Ernie Funk Winnipeg Manitoba
Rhonda Funk Winnipeg Manitoba
Kara Richards Winnipeg Manitoba
Cano Fam Runs    
Frendell Cano Winnipeg Manitoba
Chantal Cano Winnipeg Manitoba
Camilla Belle Cano Winnipeg Manitoba
Madison Brooke Cano Winnipeg Manitoba
Asher Jordan Cano Winnipeg Manitoba
Ayres Klyne    
Hayley Ayres Winnipeg Manitoba
Cody Bayles Winnipeg Manitoba
Azzara Ayres Winnipeg Manitoba
Tatiana Ayres Klyne Winnipeg Manitoba
Team spot    
JESSICA BATEMAN Winnipeg Manitoba
Scott Bateman Winnipeg Manitoba
Layla Bateman Winnipeg Manitoba
Blood Dragons    
joanne kim winnipeg Manitoba
Lam Nguyen winnipeg Manitoba
annabelle kim winnipeg Manitoba
Thai Phan Winnipeg Manitoba
Andy Wang winnipeg Manitoba
Rowsell family    
Paul Rowsell Winnipeg Manitoba
Levi Rowsell Winnipeg Manitoba
Team Gopez    
Joseph Gopez Winnipeg Manitoba
Connie Gopez Winnipeg Manitoba
Chad Joshua Gopez Winniperg Manitoba
Jillian Clare Gopez Winnipeg Manitoba
Leonardo Flores WInnipeg Manitoba
Felipe Flores winnipeg Manitoba
Talisha schnell winnipeg Manitoba
Two Feet and a Heartbeat    
Meghan Bargen Winnipeg Manitoba
Tyler Bargen Winnipeg Manitoba
Jude Bargen Winnipeg Manitoba
Nori Bargen Winnipeg Manitoba
Winston Harding Winnipeg Manitoba
Rachel Harding Winnipeg Manitoba
Chloe Harding Winnipeg Manitoba
Rebekah Harding Winnipeg Manitoba
Barbara Harding Winnipeg Manitoba
Woodbridge turtles    
Amir Khan Woodbridge Ontario
Aisha Rana Toronto Ontario
Aaira Omer M6m 5l2 Ontario
Aaiza Omer Toronto Ontario

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