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34th Anniversary 20 Minute Challenge - Canada 2018
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Bib Number Name City Province
DSouza Team    
Alice DSouza Brampton Ontario
Cleophas DSouza Brampton Ontario
Nakita DSouza Brampton Ontario
Jairus DSouza Brampton Ontario
Walking Turtles    
Alicia Rosborough Ottawa Ontario
Violet Healey Ottawa Ontario
Jason Healey Ottawa Ontario
Team Fredrickson    
Edmonton Alberta
Edmonton Alberta
Edmonton Alberta
Brower Power    
April Brower Warner Alberta
Cass Vanloon Lethbridge Alberta
Lethbridge Alberta
Lethbridge Alberta
Linda Shaw Calgary Alberta
Chen-Mack family    
Betty Chen-Mack Victoria British Columbia
Lorne Mack Victoria British Columbia
Sara Chen-Mack Victoria British Columbia
Riley Chen-Mack Victoria British Columbia
Betty Dolman Edmonton Alberta
Dave Dolman Edmonton Alberta
Kale Dolman Edmonton Alberta
Grier Dolman Edmonton Alberta
Blanka Smetana Georgetown Ontario
Vladan Smetana Georgetown Ontario
Willem Smetana Georgetown Ontario
Albert Smetana Georgetown Ontario
bo huang winnipeg Manitoba
Mingdi Zhao Winnipeg Manitoba
Zongzheng Zhao Winnipeg Manitoba
Shumin Yu Winnipeg Manitoba
Asher and Gran    
Ralph Zbarsky Vancouver British Columbia
Asher Mullard Vancouver British Columbia
Sady Zbarsky Vancouver British Columbia
Cindy Williams Port Coquitlam British Columbia
Adrienne Willems Port Coquitlam British Columbia
Catherine Willems Port Coquitlam British Columbia
Walk for Fun and Fitness    
David Wang Etobicoke Ontario
Samantha Soo Chin Sun Etobicoke Ontario
Aidan Wang Etobicoke Ontario
Emma Wang Etobicoke Ontario
The Luke-Elliotts    
DAYNA ELLIOTT North York Ontario
Michelle Luke North York Ontario
Ruby Luke-Elliott North York Ontario
Bennett Luke-Elliott North York Ontario
Team Kelly    
Deanna Kelly Hanwell New Brunswick
Chris Kelly Hanwell New Brunswick
Cohen Kelly Hanwell New Brunswick
Kaitlyn Kelly Hanwell New Brunswick
Chow family    
Gary Chow Ottawa Ontario
Isaac Chow Ottawa Ontario
Ayres Klyne    
Hayley Ayres Winnipeg Manitoba
Cody Bayles Winnipeg Manitoba
Azzara Ayres Winnipeg Manitoba
Tatiana Ayres Klyne Winnipeg Manitoba
Carnall family    
Angela Carnall Regina Saskatchewan
Lydia Carnall Regina Saskatchewan
Awesome Fatiguso's    
Jennel Fatiguso Coquitlam British Columbia
Tony Fatiguso Coquitlam British Columbia
Coquitlam British Columbia
Coquitlam British Columbia
Jennifer Carnes Gatineau Quebec
Richard Chenard Gatineau Quebec
Team spot    
JESSICA BATEMAN Winnipeg Manitoba
Scott Bateman Winnipeg Manitoba
Layla Bateman Winnipeg Manitoba
Team Maddy Yu    
Jonathan Yu Markham Ontario
Diana Chiu Markham Ontario
Madison Yu Markham Ontario
Jose Mathew Caledon Ontario
sandra mathew Caledon Ontario
Team Cruzers    
Justine Cruz Kelowna British Columbia
Chloë Cruz Kelowna British Columbia
Bob Loblaw    
Jonathan Lee Edmonton Alberta
Lutz on the Loose    
Kelly Lutz CALGARY Alberta
Patrick Lutz Calgary Alberta
Jennaya Lutz Calgary Alberta
Sydney Lutz Calgary Alberta
Koichi Ginnan Burlington Ontario
Hiroko Ginnan Burlington Ontario
Team Y    
LORENA YUMUL Brampton Ontario
Anthony Yumul Brampton Ontario
Rainier Yumul Brampton Ontario
Riana Yumul Brampton Ontario
Nannys girls    
lori Lanphear st johns Newfoundland
Melissa Casey St johns Newfoundland
Charlotte Casey St johns Newfoundland
Madelyn Casey St johns Newfoundland
Quebec Ave    
Luke McKay Toronto Ontario
Peggy Mitchell Toronto Ontario
The Awesome Chickens    
Marie-Pascal Berthelot Gatineau Quebec
Alex Meacoe Gatineau Quebec
Ronan Meacoe Gatineau Quebec
Larry Meacoe Barrhaven Ontario
Grandma and the Littles    
Marilyn Richardson Mission British Columbia
Emma Routledge Mission British Columbia
Jay Routledge Mission British Columbia
Francy Pants    
Marion Haggarty-France Edmonton Alberta
Dave France Edmonton Alberta
Shauna France Edmonton Alberta
Kyla France Edmonton Alberta
Braithwaite Four    
Meg Braithwaite Regina Saskatchewan
Derek Braithwaite Regina Saskatchewan
Matthew Braithwaite Regina Saskatchewan
Jocelyn Braithwaite Regina Saskatchewan
PC Fam Jam    
Melissa Petit-Clerc Stittsville Ontario
Stephane Petit-Clerc Stittsville Ontario
Ben Petit-Clerc Stittsville Ontario
Tristan Petit-Clerc Stittsville Ontario
Caleb Petit-Clerc Stittsville Ontario
Zippy Zarzosos    
Michelle Fortier Toronto Ontario
Gerald Zarzoso Toronto Ontario
Chloe Zarzoso Toronto Ontario
Reid Zarzoso Toronto Ontario
nada Haouili Montréal Quebec
Yasmina Dion Montréal Quebec
Eric Dion Montréal Quebec
The Goofballs    
Namrita Harchandani Toronto Ontario
Abhin Chhabra Toronto Ontario
Noeline Rajaratnam Scarborough Ontario
Romesh Rajaratnam Scarborough Ontario
James Rajaratnam Scarborough Ontario
Emma Rajaratnam Scarborough Ontario
Runnning R.O.C.K.S.    
Ralph Ennis-Davis Edmonton Alberta
Christina Ennis-Davis Edmonton Alberta
Kaleb Ennis-Davis Edmonton Alberta
Owen Ennis-Davis Edmonton Alberta
Sophia Ennis-Davis Edmonton Alberta
Blanco Gonzalez    
Raudy Blanco correa markham Ontario
Leidy Gonzalez Markham Ontario
Principio Yong    
Sally Principio-Yong Markham Ontario
Alexander Yong Markham Ontario
Kipa Eh Team    
Shelly Tootoosis Saskatoon Saskatchewan
Jody Lerat Saskatoon Saskatchewan
Maskwa Lerat Saskatoon Saskatchewan
Tyson Crate Saskatoon Saskatchewan
Milton Tootoosis Saskatoon Saskatchewan
Hustons and Page    
Stacey Page Calgary Alberta
Michael Huston Calgary Alberta
Hayley Huston Calgary Alberta
James Huston Calgary Alberta
Steve and the Steves    
STEVE MATHEW Etobicoke Ontario
Daphne Hendsbee Etobicoke Ontario
Susan Little Calgary Alberta
Stan Neibauer Calgary Alberta
Famille Levesque    
Sylvain Levesque Boisbriand Quebec
Marie-Josée Normand Boisbriand Quebec
Rosalie Levesque Boisbriand Quebec
Alexia Levesque Boisbriand Quebec
Angélie Levesque Boisbriand Quebec
Émilien Larouche Boisbriand Quebec
Shawn Roy-Assayag Boisbriand Quebec
Becker Family    
Tanya Becker Toronto Ontario
Lily Becker Toronto Ontario
Stephen Becker Toronto Ontario
Winston Harding Winnipeg Manitoba
Rachel Harding Winnipeg Manitoba
Chloe Harding Winnipeg Manitoba
Rebekah Harding Winnipeg Manitoba
Barbara Harding Winnipeg Manitoba

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