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The Governing Council of the Salvation Army in Canada

Santa Shuffle 2018 - St Johns
Individual - 5K and Elf Walk


Bib Number Name City Province
Abe Jensen Harbour Breton Newfoundland
Adam Power Goulds Newfoundland
Aiden Maloney St. John Newfoundland
Aimee Hann Conception Bay South Newfoundland
St. Johnís Newfoundland
Alexander Butler CONCPTN BAY SOUTH Newfoundland
Alivia Lawrence Pond Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Allyssa Strange TORBAY Newfoundland
Alyssa Barrett Old Perlican Newfoundland
Amanda Frost CBS Newfoundland
Amber Blundon St. Johnís Newfoundland
Amy Sheppard Spaniardís Bay Newfoundland
Amy Thornton Mount pearl Newfoundland
Andrea Pope Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Angela Jefford CBS Newfoundland
ANN CREWS Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Annette Larkin CBS Newfoundland
Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Ashley Power St. John's Newfoundland
Ava Boyce Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Ava Reid Holyrood Newfoundland
Avery Evans CBS Newfoundland
Avery Porter St. John's Newfoundland
St. John's Newfoundland
Ben Curties St. John Newfoundland
Bill Power Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Bradley Simms Carbonear Newfoundland
Brenda Reid Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Brittany Stamp Flatrock Newfoundland
Brittany Stevenson St. John's Newfoundland
Brooklyn Jordan Cape Broyle Newfoundland
Candice Walsh St. John's Newfoundland
Carla King St. John's Newfoundland
Carly Stuckless Paradise Newfoundland
Carol Mealey St. Johns Newfoundland
Carolann Fleming st john's Newfoundland
Carrie Marshall Goulds Newfoundland
Catherine Bailey St. John Newfoundland
Chantel Healey Chapels Cove Newfoundland
Charlene Beazley Flatrock Newfoundland
Charmaine Furneaux Avondale Newfoundland
chase Aylward Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Chase Boland Calvert Newfoundland
Chris Boyce Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Chris Grandy CBS Newfoundland
Chris Porter St. Johnís Newfoundland
ST. JOHN'S Newfoundland
Christa Maloney St. John Newfoundland
Christian Sleep Mount Pearl Newfoundland
christina sullivan goulds Newfoundland
Christine Facey Torbay Newfoundland
Cindy Sharpe Paradise Newfoundland
Cindy Vincent Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Claudia O'Brien Torbay Newfoundland
Cody Strowbridge CBS Newfoundland
Colton Lannon Paradise Newfoundland
CBS Newfoundland
Connie Hilchie St. Johnís Newfoundland
Cory Grandy Torbay Newfoundland
Courtney Clarke St. John's Newfoundland
Courtney Winter St John's Newfoundland
craig ennis Mt. Pearl Newfoundland
Paradise Newfoundland
Dale Andrews-Keats CBS Newfoundland
Daniel Martin St. John's Newfoundland
David Hynes Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Dawn Rowe Paradise Newfoundland
Deanne Delahunty Coley's Point South Newfoundland
Deanne Piercey Conception Bay South Newfoundland
denise snow St. Johnís Newfoundland
Dennis Flynn Colliers Riverhead Newfoundland
Dennis Yap St. John's Newfoundland
St. Johnís Newfoundland
Donnie Williams Paradise Newfoundland
Doug Elliott St. Johnís Newfoundland
Ed Long Paradise Newfoundland
Eileen Shaw St. Johnís Newfoundland
Elizabeth Organ clarenville Newfoundland
Ella Nurse Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Ellen Oliver St. John's Newfoundland
Elliott Harrington Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Emily sleep Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Emma Wiseman Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Ethel Janes Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Evan Power Calvert Newfoundland
Gale Gillingham CBS Newfoundland
Garnett Wilson St. John's Newfoundland
Gerry Mayo St. John's Newfoundland
Gina Quinlan St. Johnís Newfoundland
Giselle Gaulton-Corcoran Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Glenda Churchill St. Philip's Newfoundland
Glenn McMullin Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Gus Lynch Torbay Newfoundland
Gwen Carroll St.johns Newfoundland
St. John's Newfoundland
Heather Harris Port Blandford Newfoundland
Heather Tizzard St. John?s Newfoundland
Henri Senior CBS Newfoundland
Henry Pearson St. John's Newfoundland
Holly Cooper Paradise Newfoundland
Iris Brothen St. John's Newfoundland
Isaac Brothen St. John's Newfoundland
Jack Sheppard Spaniardís Bay Newfoundland
Jack Strickland Paradise Newfoundland
Jackie Kane Renews Newfoundland
Jackie Keats Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Jackie Ryan St Johnís Newfoundland
Jacob Vincent Conception Bay South Newfoundland
jacqueline nugent conception bay south Newfoundland
Jamie-lynn Drake St. Johns Newfoundland
Janelle Clarke Paradise Newfoundland
Janelle Lambe portugal cove- Newfoundland
Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Janice Kennedy St. John's Newfoundland
janice rossiter Torbay Newfoundland
Janine Critch St. John's Newfoundland
Jannika Tobin Paradise Newfoundland
Jarad Drover St.Johns Newfoundland
Jaydan Snook Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Jeanine Scott CBS Newfoundland
Jenna Hawkins St. John's Newfoundland
Jenna Wiseman Markland Newfoundland
Jennifer Cousineau St. John's Newfoundland
Jennifer Ivany-Ryan St.Johns Newfoundland
Jennifer Whalen St.johns Newfoundland
Jenny Myrick ST JOHNS Newfoundland
Jeri Sullivan South River Newfoundland
Jessica Cole Paradise Newfoundland
JESSICA HOLLOWAY Port Blandford Newfoundland
Jessica Walsh Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Jillian Woodford Goulds Newfoundland
Jim Piercey CBS Newfoundland
Joanne Hedderson St. John's Newfoundland
JoAnne Peckford Portugal Cove-St. Philip's Newfoundland
Jocelyn Rowsell Grand Falls-Windsor Newfoundland
John Hiscock Coley's Point South Newfoundland
John Peyton CBS Newfoundland
Cbs Newfoundland
Jonah Grandy Torbay Newfoundland
Joy Greene Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Judith Hynes Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Julia Planke Paradise Newfoundland
Justin Dawson Paradise Newfoundland
Karen Cooper St. John Newfoundland
Karen Lacey ST JOHNS Newfoundland
Karen Snow St. John Newfoundland
Kate Williams St. John's Newfoundland
Katie Seabright Gander Newfoundland
Katie Skanes St. John's Newfoundland
Katie Young Paradise Newfoundland
Keaira Lawrence Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Keith Glynn Paradise Newfoundland
Kelli Giannou St. John's Newfoundland
Kelly Barry Placentia Newfoundland
Kelly Bulger St. Johns Newfoundland
Kelly Hynes St. John's Newfoundland
Kelsey Strowbridge Marystown Newfoundland
Kendra Paige Paradise Newfoundland
Kerry Chaytor-Crummey Paradise Newfoundland
Kerry Strowbridge Paradise Newfoundland
Kim Button St. John's Newfoundland
Krista McGrath Torbay Newfoundland
Krista Power St. John's Newfoundland
Kristi Simms Paradise Newfoundland
Kristina Squires Goulds Newfoundland
Laura Porter St. John's Newfoundland
Laura Purchase CBS Newfoundland
Leona Strickland Paradise Newfoundland
Liam Legge Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Outer Cove Newfoundland
Lindsay Adey PARADISE Newfoundland
Lindsay Baird St. John's Newfoundland
lisa Legge Mt Pearl Newfoundland
Lisa Noble Torbay Newfoundland
Lisa Stride Clarke's Beach Newfoundland
Luanne Dominix Bay Roberts Newfoundland
LUCY WAY GOULDS Newfoundland
Luke French Bay Roberts Newfoundland
Luke Murphy Paradise Newfoundland
Luke Piercey Cbs Newfoundland
Lynnette Biddiscombe St.Johnís Newfoundland
Lynnette Stevenson St. John's Newfoundland
Mabel Crocker Paradise Dr. Newfoundland
Maegan Rowe Charlottetown Prince Edward Island
Mallory Chafe St. John's Newfoundland
Margaret Brown-Bury St John's Newfoundland
Margaret O'Keefe St. John Newfoundland
Margaret Pitts CANNINGS COVE Newfoundland
Cbs Newfoundland
Mariann Evans CBS Newfoundland
Mark Stride Clarke's Beach Newfoundland
Marlene Russell Bonavista Newfoundland
Goulds Newfoundland
St. John's Newfoundland
Max Harvey St. John's Newfoundland
Cbs Newfoundland
Melissa Cuza St. John's Newfoundland
Melissa Edwards Paradise Newfoundland
Melissa Ford St. John's Newfoundland
Mount Pearl Newfoundland
melissa welcher C.B.S Newfoundland
Michael Kidney Paradise Newfoundland
Michelle Caines Paradise Newfoundland
Michelle Murphy St. John's Newfoundland
Miles Wilson St. John's Newfoundland
Minetta Abbott Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Mylee Tapper PARADISE Newfoundland
Nancy Dwyer Shearstown Newfoundland
Natalie Keith St Johns Newfoundland
Natalie Mitchell Portugal Cove Newfoundland
Nathan Sparkes CBS Newfoundland
Nathaniel Tipple Paradise Newfoundland
Nevaeh Linthorne Paradise Newfoundland
Nicholas Dwyer Shearstown Newfoundland
Noah Furey Bishops Falls Newfoundland
Noreen Lee St Johnís Newfoundland
Norma Aylward Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Oliver Boyce Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Wabush Newfoundland
Patrick Ring St. John?s Newfoundland
Patsy Crews St. John's Newfoundland
Paul Furey Bishops Falls Newfoundland
Gouldís Newfoundland
Paula Rodgers Paradise Newfoundland
pennie Fowler PARADISE Newfoundland
Philippe Enguehard St. John's Newfoundland
Rachael Harvey St. John's Newfoundland
Racquel Martin St. John's Newfoundland
Rebecca Bell Paradise Newfoundland
Paradise Newfoundland
Rebecca ROBERTS PARADISE Newfoundland
Reese Walsh St. John's Newfoundland
Renee Brushett Mount pearl Newfoundland
Robert McDonald St.Johnís Newfoundland
Rochelle Fisher CBS Newfoundland
Rodney Mitchell Portugal Cove Newfoundland
Ruby Martin Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Paradise Newfoundland
Samanth Noseworthy Paradise Newfoundland
Samantha McMullin Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Sandra White CBS Newfoundland
Sara Reid Holyrood Newfoundland
Paradise Newfoundland
Sarah Burry Middle Cove Newfoundland
Sarah Organ Clarenville Newfoundland
Sarah Osbourne Maddox Cove Newfoundland
Scott Porter Outer Cove Newfoundland
Scott Sleep Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Sean Lynch St. John's Newfoundland
Shannon Bulger Witless Bay Newfoundland
Sheila Brinston Pouch Cove Newfoundland
Sheila Galway Rideout Avondale Newfoundland
Sheldon Walsh Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Shelly Blackwood Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Sherry Harris Port Blandford Newfoundland
Sherry Notley CBS Newfoundland
Sherry RYan St. Johnís Newfoundland
Sheryl Noel Paradise Newfoundland
Shirley Oake Goulds Newfoundland
Shirley Roche Goulds Newfoundland
Simon Smith Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Sonia Meadus C.B.S. Newfoundland
Sonya Burden Carbonear Newfoundland
Sonya Snook Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Stacy Smith Mount pearl Newfoundland
Stefanie Drover Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Stephanie Jones Mount pearl Newfoundland
Stephanie LeGresley Coley's Point Newfoundland
St. Johns Newfoundland
Stephanie Power Goulds Newfoundland
Stephen Travis Holyrood Newfoundland
Steve Picco Paradise Newfoundland
Steve Ring St. John?s Newfoundland
Susan Stuckless Paradise, NL Newfoundland
Susan Thistle Clarenville Newfoundland
Suzanne House Outer Cove Newfoundland
Sydney Holloway Port Blandford Newfoundland
Tammy Manor Torbay Newfoundland
Tammy Teeter KANATA Ontario
Tanya Arsenault Guy Conception Bay South Newfoundland
Tim Piercey St. John's Newfoundland
Tina Furey Bishops Falls Newfoundland
Tina Taylor Carbonear Newfoundland
Flatrock Newfoundland
Toni Fudge Paradise Newfoundland
Tonia Murphy Paradise Newfoundland
Tony Sharpe Paradise Newfoundland
Tracy Edwards Torbay Newfoundland
Trish LeGresley Coley's Pt Newfoundland
Trista Riverol CANNINGS COVE Newfoundland
Trudy Cuza St. John's Newfoundland
melrose Newfoundland
Victoria Burt mount pearl Newfoundland
Victoria Ryan St. Johns Newfoundland
Virginia Jones Halifax Nova Scotia
Wayne Pitts CANNINGS COVE Newfoundland
William Bidgood goulds Newfoundland
Zach Young Paradise Newfoundland
adam williams Torbay Newfoundland
Alexa Tobin Paradise Newfoundland
Amanda Doherty CBS Newfoundland
Brian Critch St. John's Newfoundland
CHris Carew St. John's Newfoundland
Dain Costello Harbour Main Newfoundland
Gina Keeping St. John's Newfoundland
Grant Baldwin St. John's Newfoundland
Heather williams Torbay Newfoundland
Jaxon Parrell Portugal Cove-St. Phillips Newfoundland
Jodi Blackwood St. John's Newfoundland
John Steele St. John's Newfoundland
Katherine Gill St. John's Newfoundland
Kathy Peddle Paradise Newfoundland
Keliegh Butt CBS Newfoundland
Lacey Murphy St. John's Newfoundland
Laila Brown St. John's Newfoundland
Lindsey Kelly CBS Newfoundland
Lisa Corbett St. John's Newfoundland
Lisa Roberts St. John's Newfoundland
Maeve Collins St. John's Newfoundland
Mallory Basha St. John's Newfoundland
Melanie Wells St. John's Newfoundland
Melia Corbett St. John's Newfoundland
Michelle Coates CBS Newfoundland
Morgan Seward St. John's Newfoundland
Natalie Parrell Portugal Cove-St. Phillips Newfoundland
Natelle Tulk St. John's Newfoundland
Olivia Carew St. John's Newfoundland
Parker Corbett St. John's Newfoundland
Percy Delaney St. JOhn's Newfoundland
rachelle Cochrane St. John's Newfoundland
Reiva Doherty CBS Newfoundland
Sheldon Tobin Paradise Newfoundland
Wanda Wadman Mount Pearl Newfoundland
Wendy Walsh St. John's Newfoundland

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