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The Simon Poultney Foundation

Rotary Run for Life - 15th Annual
5K Run or Walk - No Chipped


Bib Number Name City Province
Aaron Carlson Spruce Grove Alberta
abigail Robson stony plain Alberta
Adriane Berube Swan Hills Alberta
Stony Plain Alberta
Alysson Shermack Stony Plain Alberta
Amanda Nevesely Spruce grove Alberta
Amanda Stamp Edmonton Alberta
Anessa Lucas Swan Hills Alberta
Angie Mckay Stony Plain Alberta
Edmonton Alberta
Cathy Towne Spruce Grove Alberta
Charity Borg Spruce Grove Alberta
chris Desnoyers alberta beach Alberta
Claudia Hildebrand Stony plain Alberta
colin kuefler edmonton Alberta
Stony Plain Alberta
Stony Plain Alberta
Dan White Stony Plain Alberta
Dana Baker Spruce Grove Alberta
Deanna Joffe Edmonton Alberta
Deb Skaar Parkland County Alberta
Deneen Lafreniere-Roth Spruce Grove Alberta
Diane Edwards Stony Plain Alberta
Stony Plain Alberta
Ed Fisher Parkland County Alberta
Ellen Elliott Edmonton Alberta
Hal Skaar Parkland County Alberta
Heather Flynn St. Albert Alberta
Heidi Hoflin Parkland County Alberta
Ida Elliott Leduc Alberta
Edmonton Alberta
Janelle Christiansen Fort. Saskatchewan Alberta
Jenna Amerongen Edmonton Alberta
Jennifer Elliott Stony plain Alberta
Strathmore Alberta
Jennifer Waring Edmonton Alberta
Jessica Chapman Legal Alberta
Jodi Carter Parkland County Alberta
John Maryka Sherwood Park Alberta
Kaitlyn Taylor Stony Plain Alberta
Karen Fisher Parkland County Alberta
Karissa Haskill Spruce Grove Alberta
Katherine Moroz Spruce Grove Alberta
Kathryn Quinlan Sherwood Park Alberta
Katie Mucha Sherwood Park Alberta
Keira Hoflin Parkland County Alberta
Kim Sinnott Parkland County Alberta
Lana Good Spruce Grove Alberta
Lana Johnson Edmonton Alberta
Laura Tod St. Albert Alberta
Lauren Emes St. Albert Alberta
Leslie Quitler Spruce Grove Alberta
Lindsay Adam Stony Plain Alberta
Marcel Boisvert Parkland County Alberta
Margaret Boisvert Parkland County Alberta
Sherwood Park Alberta
Melide Mackee Stony Plain Alberta
Melissa Ball Spruce Grove Alberta
Melissa Sherwood Stony Plain Alberta
Spruce Grove Alberta
Mykayla Blake-Bendrien Parkland County Alberta
Nadine Letwin Edmonton Alberta
Naomi VandeVoorde Hinton Alberta
Spruce Grove Alberta
Nick Moroz Spruce Grove Alberta
Nigel Stolk Edmonton Alberta
Randy Shermack Stony Plain Alberta
Sandra Prosser Alberta beach Alberta
Sandy Lewis Spruce Grove Alberta
Sandy Shermack Stony Plain Alberta
Sarah Quinlan Sherwood Park Alberta
Shawn Getz Spruce Grove Alberta
Shelley MacDonald Sturgeon County Alberta
Skip Bendrien Parkland County Alberta
Staci Hajjar stony plain Alberta
Stuart Christiansen Fort Saskatchewan Alberta
Susan Schulha St. Albert Alberta
Tamara Anderson Spruce Grove Alberta
Tanya Mucha Sherwood Park Alberta
Taylor Clelland St.Albert Alberta
Teagan Lucas Swan Hills Alberta
Therese kuefler edmonton Alberta
Lacombe Alberta
Vanessa Amyotte Spruce Grove Alberta

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