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Charlees Run 2019
5K Run/Walk


Bib Number Name City Province
Abby Gallacher Stayner Ontario
Aine Murray Orillia Ontario
Alberta Bartlett Orillia Ontario
Thornton Ontario
Alexandra Wells wasaga beach Ontario
Alicia Mutton Belleville Ontario
Allison Mason Bracebridge Ontario
Alysha Rogers Brechin Ontario
Amanda Anderson New Lowell Yukon
Amanda Heydon Owen Sound Ontario
Amanda Taylor Warminster Ontario
Andrew Barcham Collingwood Ontario
Ann Caldwell Ramara Ontario
Ann Heydon Alliston Ontario
Anna Slowy Innisfil Ontario
Ashley Bull orillia Ontario
Ashley Hubbert Oro-Medonte Ontario
Ashley LeMay Oro-Medonte Ontario
Ashley Weatherall Conn Ontario
Orillia Ontario
Bernadette Mauro Orillia Ontario
Bethany Readman Brechin Ontario
Brittney Fess Severn Ontario
Brooke Leishman Severn Ontario
Carley Aymer Waubaushene Ontario
Carly Heitzner Brechin Ontario
Carol Langman Orillia Ontario
Carol Morrison Barrie Ontario
Cathy McPhee Oakville Ontario
Cathy Ourednik Orillia Ontario
Cheryl Harrison Usxbridge Ontario
Christina Micks BARRIE Ontario
Christina Wood Hamilton Ontario
Severn Ontario
Dan McPhee Oakville Ontario
Daniel Armstrong New Lowell Ontario
Darra Chrysler Orillia Ontario
Dave Springer Wasaga Beach Ontario
cumberland beach Ontario
Dawn de Montfort Cameron Ontario
Debbie Cowie Cannington Ontario
Debbie Sheffield Orillia Ontario
Debra J Anderson Barrie Ontario
Dietra Chynoweth Norland Ontario
Drew Lehman Coldwater Ontario
Duncan McDonald Orillia Ontario
Emily Micks Orillia Ontario
Emily Perdu Orillia Ontario
Oakville Ontario
Victoria Harbour Ontario
Erica Chapman North Bay Ontario
Erik Chapman North Bay Ontario
Erika Ryza Orillia Ontario
Erika Ryza Orillia Ontario
Faye Robertson Oro medonte Ontario
Gail Ecker Orillia Ontario
Orillia Ontario
Orillia Ontario
Helen Guthrie Penetanguishene Ontario
Orillia Ontario
Ian Robertson Sunderland Ontario
Isaac Dawson Lindsay Ontario
Jack Fitzgerald Oro-Medonte Ontario
Jackie Dawson Lindsay Ontario
Brechin Ontario
Jamie Heitzner Orillia Ontario
Jamie Lawson Barrie Ontario
Jane Anderson Alliston Ontario
Jane Rooyakkers Coldwater Ontario
Jayne Flemming Orillia Ontario
Jeanna Smart Severn Ontario
Jeff Anderson New Lowell Ontario
Thornton Ontario
Jenna Hanson Warminster Ontario
Jenna Sasseville Brechin Ontario
Jennifer Armstrong New Lowell Ontario
Jennifer Downey Severn Ontario
Jennifer Viherjoki Warminster Ontario
Jessica Bergeron Orillia Ontario
Jessica Pelletier Midland Ontario
Jim Fitzgerald Oro-Medonte Ontario
Jolene McDonald Alliston Ontario
Lindsay Ontario
Joshua Annis Coldwater Ontario
Julia Achilles Severn Ontario
Julia McCuaig Barrie Ontario
Justin LeMay Oro-Medonte Ontario
Karen Viragh Wasaga Beach Ontario
Kate White Brechin Ontario
Katie Madigan Phelpston Ontario
Orillia Ontario
Kayla Driedger Severn Ontario
Kelly Hamill Oro-Medonte Ontario
Kelly McCuaig Beaverton Ontario
Kelly McNeill Brantford Ontario
Kelsey Lockman Orillia Ontario
Oro Medonte Ontario
Kimberley Martin Barrie Ontario
Kolby Lenssen Brechin Ontario
Kristan Cranley Utopia Ontario
Kristen Callow Bracebridge Ontario
Kyle Hewson Orillia Ontario
Laura Moon Barrie Ontario
Laura Robertson Orillia Ontario
Leah Benham Stayner Ontario
Leah Black Coldwater Ontario
Lee Matthieu Washago Ontario
Lindsay Cass Ramara Ontario
Lindsey Mokriy Barrie Ontario
Lisa Cadenhead Barrie Ontario
Lisa Darch Oro Medonte Ontario
Lisa DiGironimo Maple Ontario
Lisa Ellis Beeton Ontario
Lisa Odlozinski Orillia Ontario
Lisa Stanley Tiny Ontario
Loralee McInroy Stirling Ontario
Lori Heittola Coldwater Ontario
Luc Sarao Vankleek Hill Ontario
Orillai Ontario
Lyla Davison Warminster Ontario
Orillia Ontario
Mallory Chrysler East York Ontario
Brechin Ontario
Marina Genua Orillia Ontario
Marisa Cox Oro-Medonte Ontario
Marko Harjupanula Oro-Medonte Ontario
Matthew Sanche Burlington Ontario
Matthew Wells Wasaga beach Ontario
Maxwell Odlozinski Orillia Ontario
Megan Davis Orillia Ontario
Meghan Freeborn Tottenham Ontario
Melissa Fitzgerald Oro-Medonte Ontario
Melissa Lamore Barrie Ontario
Meredith Micks Sevener Ontario
Michael Bickers Barrie Ontario
Severn Ontario
Mike Rostance Orillia Ontario
Murray SOLEM BARRIE Ontario
Nick McDonald Hamilton Ontario
Nicole Chute Orillia Ontario
Nicole Taylor Beeton Yukon
Nicolena Beggs Nobel Ontario
Niki Lehman Coldwater Ontario
Sebright Ontario
Penny Burrows Collingwood Ontario
Rachael Sheppard Oro-Medonte Ontario
Rachel Pinnegar Barrie Ontario
Orillia Ontario
Rachelle Cowan Port McNicoll Ontario
Randy Viragh Wasaga Beach Ontario
Randy Wood Oakville Ontario
Rebecca Harjupanula Oro medonte Ontario
Rebecca Jermey Orillia Ontario
Rene Heitzner Orillia Ontario
Rick Harrison Uxbridge Ontario
Orillia Ontario
Brechin Ontario
Roy Micks Severn Ontario
Ryan Kilby Tiny Ontario
samantha southorn Warminster Ontario
Brechin Ontario
Sandi Denne Washago Ontario
Sarah Beatty Burk’s falls Ontario
Savana Sarao Vankleek Hill Ontario
Sharmen Henwood Elmvale Ontario
Shaun Van Dyk Severn Ontario
Shawn Tinney Coldwater Ontario
Sheena Boulding Coldwater Ontario
Shelby Russell Severn Ontario
Stacey Venturo Orillia Ontario
Susan Preston Tiny Ontario
Sydney Mazzonello Orillia Ontario
Lindsay Ontario
Tanya Dean Severn Ontario
Orillia Ontario
London Ontario
Teresa Green Wasaga Beach Ontario
Port Mcnicoll Ontario
Thomas Posie Burk’s falls Ontario
Tony Henwood Elmvale Ontario
Trish Tricco Coldwater Ontario
Tyler Gagnon Brechin Ontario
Tyler von Engelbrechten Orillia Ontario
Vera Smith Orillia Ontario
Victoria Nicole Hamilton Ontario
Orillia Ontario
Wabano Kwe Rama Ontario

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