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Charlees Run 2019
Team 5K Run/Walk


Bib Number Name City Province
Nathaniel Grant Coldwater Ontario
Abbygail Durtnall Phelpston Ontario
Agustin Garcia de Paredes Barrie Ontario
Aimee Stephens Barrie Ontario
Barrie Ontario
Washago Ontario
Alice Afram Barrie Ontario
alicia violo mississauga Ontario
Alison Durtnall tiny Ontario
Allie Gordon Victoria Harbour Ontario
Alyssa Gingras Guelph Ontario
Wasaga Beach Ontario
Amanda Garcia de Paredes Barrie Ontario
Amanda Plunkett Gordon Barrie Ontario
Amanda Rankin Ayr Ontario
Amber Fulford Barrie Ontario
Amy-Lyn Bertucci Coldwater Ontario
Meaford Ontario
Andrew Cole Burlington Ontario
Andrew Dilawri Orillia Ontario
Andrew Gordon Barrie Ontario
Andrew Welford Barrie Ontario
Andy Bertucci Coldwater Ontario
Andy MacDougall Kirkfield Ontario
Angela Cole Sault Ste Marie Ontario
Tiny Ontario
Annette Roberts Orillia Ontario
Annie Meechan Barrie Ontario
April Vass new lowell Ontario
Bella Schwetz Barrie Ontario
Bernie Bianchi Victoria Harbour Ontario
Beverley Robitaille Tiny Ontario
Beya Beaudin Severn Ontario
Bobbie Webb North Bay Ontario
Brad Delion Oro-Medonte Ontario
Brandon Salidas Barrie Ontario
Brenda Clements Innisfil Ontario
Brianna Bell Orangeville Ontario
Brianna McKenna Barrie Ontario
Brianne Corriveau Midland Ontario
Brianne Ozimok Kincardine Ontario
Brianne Thompson Woodville Ontario
Bridget Laurin Severn Ontario
Brittany Lapp Kirkfield Ontario
Brittany Lockwood Barrie Ontario
Bruno Bertucci Orillia Ontario
Candace Cole Severn Ontario
Carmine Stumpo Toronto Ontario
Carol Kouyoumjian Huntsville Ontario
Carrie West ORILLIA Ontario
Celeste Price North Bay Ontario
Chantelle Marchildon Tiny Ontario
Chelsey Tuck Elmvale Ontario
Chris Paul Midland Ontario
Christina McCauley Acton Ontario
Christine Hiles Coldwater Ontario
Christine O'Connor Cambridge Ontario
Christine Thomson Oro-Medente Ontario
Christopher Laurin Barrie Ontario
Christopher Smith Barrie Ontario
Cindy Ruston drayton Ontario
Colleen Johnston Mulmur Ontario
Connie Letton Toronto Ontario
Courtney Overell Tiny Ontario
Crystal Bell Orillia Ontario
Cynthia Wolfert Coldwater Ontario
Damian Laurin Sturgeon Falls, ON Ontario
Dana MacIntosh Orillia Ontario
Daniel Bianchi Victoria harbour Ontario
Daniela Violo mississauga Ontario
Daniela Violo Mississauga Ontario
Danielle pauze oro-medonte Ontario
Darcey Cook Lucan Ontario
dave Durtnall tiny Ontario
Thornbury Ontario
Deanna Brown Collingwood Ontario
Barrie Ontario
Denise Miletic Cambridge Ontario
Desneige Frandsen Midland Ontario
Deven Bhatt Orillia Ontario
Dominic Bertucci SEVERN Ontario
Donna Smith Barrie Ontario
Drew MacIntosh Orillia Ontario
Oro-Medonte Ontario
Elaine Bhatt Orillia Ontario
Elana Durtnall Phelpston Ontario
Elisa Marie Rossi Stoney Creek Ontario
Elizabeth Scharf Orillia Ontario
Emma Barker Meaford Ontario
Eric Bertucci Coldwater Ontario
Eric Pauze Midland Ontario
Eric Savoie Orillia Ontario
Erin Koesdibyo Orillia Ontario
Evelyn Perdue Oro-Medonte Ontario
fernando bertucci orillia Ontario
Geoff Burton Acton Ontario
Gord O'Connor Cambridge Ontario
Graydon Bhatt Orillia Ontario
Greg Robitaille Tiny Ontario
Hailey Lacroix Sturgeon Falls Ontario
Hazel Soares Orillia Ontario
Heather Laliberte Tiny Ontario
Jack Dilawri Orillia Ontario
Jay Jackson Barrie Ontario
Jeff West Orillia Ontario
Jennifer Foote Tiny Ontario
Jennifer Sheppard Barrie Ontario
Jessica Gastaldi Barrie Ontario
Jill Bertucci SEVERN Ontario
Thornbury Ontario
Joanne Savoie Orillia Ontario
Joe Fuciarelli Hamilton Ontario
Joe Snow Tiny Ontario
Joey Fuciarelli Hamilton Ontario
Jordan Robitaille Tiny Ontario
Judy Artindale Coldwater Ontario
Judy Bertucci Orillia Ontario
Julie Welsh Victoria harbour Ontario
Justin Robitaille Penetanguishene Ontario
Justine Bull Oro medonte Ontario
Kaitlin Alger Lindsay Ontario
Kandace Cook Lucan Ontario
Karen Cameron Toronto Ontario
Karen Dawe Tiny Yukon
Karen Foell Sharon Ontario
Karl Feltmate Waterdown Prince Edward Island
Karla MacDonald-Wiens Elmvale Ontario
Kathleen Bynoe Barrie Ontario
Kathleen MacDougall Kirkfield Ontario
Katie Lesperance Tiny Ontario
Katie Lund Oro-Medonte Ontario
Katie Pereira Collingwood Ontario
Orillia Ontario
Kelley McCarthy Barrie Ontario
Kelly Adams Elmvale Ontario
Kelly Graham Barrie Ontario
Kelly Laurin Sunderland Ontario
Kelly Spears Orillia Ontario
Kelly Spears Washago Ontario
Kelsi Graves Orillia Ontario
Kevin Cascagnette Midland Ontario
Kortney Paul Midland Ontario
Krista DeVroom Orillia Ontario
Krystal Langridge Gravenhurst Ontario
Larissa Calderone Waterdown Ontario
Laura Fuciarelli Hamilton Ontario
Laura Wherry London Ontario
Leslie Adams Victoria Harbour Ontario
Lindsey Jones Alcona Ontario
Lisa Nybog Innisfil Ontario
Lori McRae Pefferlaw Ontario
Barrie Ontario
Louise Cole Burlington Ontario
Lynn Johnston Nobel Ontario
Ramara Ontario
Mandy Webster BARRIE Ontario
Margie Marte Waubaushenr Ontario
Marilyn Lavender Barrie Ontario
Marina Robitaille Penetanguishene Ontario
Barrie Ontario
Mathew Morrison Barrie Ontario
Megan Bertucci Coldwater Ontario
Megan Collett Severn Ontario
Meghan Lavender Orillia Ontario
Melanie Delion Oro-Medonte Ontario
Melissa Burtch Brechin Ontario
Melissa Van Dam Severn Ontario
Melissa Winters Orangeville Ontario
Huntsville Yukon
michael violo mississauga Ontario
Michaila Chodur Tiny Ontario
Michelle MacDougall Ramara Ontario
Mike Lavender Orillia Ontario
Mike Webster BARRIE Ontario
Mikki-lee Laurin Barrie Ontario
Miranda Skanes Barrie Ontario
Morgan Glover Midland Ontario
Nancy Bianchi Victoria Harbout Ontario
Nancy Hall Coldwater Ontario
Neil McKenna Barrie Ontario
Nick Adams Barrie Ontario
Nick Adams Victoria Harbour Ontario
Nick Fuciarelli Hamilton Ontario
Nicole Hawke Orillia Ontario
Nicole Holt Tiny Ontario
Nicole Hook Barrie Ontario
Nikki Laurin Waterloo Ontario
Pamela Deshaies Collingwood Ontario
Pat Dooley Barrie Ontario
Pat Smith Barrie Ontario
Peggy Lund Oro-Medonte Ontario
Peter Sehgal Mississauga Ontario
Philip Rudziejewski Burlington Ontario
Raj Dilawri Orillia Ontario
Coldwater Ontario
Reginald Bowen Oro-medonte Ontario
Richard Stephens Barrie Ontario
Rita Chiappetta Barrie Ontario
Rob Cameron oro-medonte Ontario
Huntsville Ontario
Robert Cole Sault Ste. Marie Ontario
Rosslyn Bhatt Orillia Ontario
Roxanne Collins Minesing Ontario
Ryan Bazinet Tiny Ontario
Ryan Holt Tiny Ontario
Samantha Burton Acton Ontario
Samantha Smith Oro medonte Ontario
Sandra Pizzale Coldwater Ontario
sandro violo mississauga Ontario
Sara Tuck Elmvale Ontario
Sarah Barker Ontario Ontario
Sarah Columbus TINY Ontario
Sarah Corbett Stayner Ontario
Sarah Hewgill Meaford Ontario
Sarah Kitchen Coldwater Ontario
Sarah West Orillia Ontario
Scott Artindale Coldwater Ontario
Scott Hogarth Barrie Ontario
Sean Barbour Barrie Ontario
Toronto Ontario
Ottawa Ontario
Shannon Moore Minesing Ontario
Shawna Whitmore Severn Ontario
Sheila Corbett Phelpston Ontario
Shelley Totten Barrie Ontario
Sonja Plunkett Barrie Ontario
Sophia Fuciarelli Hamilton Ontario
Bracebridge Ontario
Stephanie Paradis Barrie Ontario
Stephanie Thompson Barrie Ontario
Steve Meechan Barrie Ontario
Sue Thorburn Orillia Ontario
Susanne Robitaille Tiny Ontario
Tammy Burton Acton Ontario
Orillia Ontario
Terry Kouyoumjian Huntsville Ontario
Theresa Morrison Barrie Ontario
Tracy Austin Wasaga Beach Ontario
Tyler Robitaille Tiny Ontario
Tyler Spikman Cambridge Ontario
Vanessa Hartley Midland Ontario
Oro-Medonte Ontario
Virginia Gourlay Ravenna Ontario
Wayne Graves Orillia Ontario
Whitney Gowanlock washago Ontario
Zaac Pauze Tiny Ontario

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