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Dunnville Youth Impact Centre

Hauser's Whole Health Mudcat Marathon Weekend - 2019
Riverfront 5k - Sat May 11


Bib Number Name City Province
Cheektowaga New York
adam russ fort erie Ontario
Adriaan Persoon Canborough Ontario
Aidan Parsons York Ontario
Alex Keszthelyi Welland Ontario
Alex Smollett Cambridge Ontario
St Catharines Ontario
Alexandra DeBoer Selkirk Ontario
Alison Laverty Welland Ontario
Port Dover Ontario
Amanda Graveline Port Colborne Ontario
Amanda Marlatt Mississauga Ontario
Amy 1988-01-07 Belleville Ontario
Andrew Latowiec Hamilton Ontario
Angela Johnson Hamilton Ontario
Angelina Jans Canfield Ontario
Anieta DeBoer Selkirk Ontario
Ann McConachie Dunnville Ontario
Ashley Sumbler Fort Erie Ontario
Fonthill Ontario
Becki Sewell Caledonia Ontario
Ben DeBoer Selkirk Ontario
Ben Keller Hamilton Ontario
Selkirk Ontario
Bevin Hauser Dunnville Ontario
Bonnie McLean Dunnville Ontario
Brian Grandin Caledonia Ontario
Burton Nicole London Ontario
Carlos Roman Mississauga Ontario
Dunnville Ontario
Chantel Hessels Lowbanks Ontario
Cohen Hauser Dunnville Ontario
Courtney Goodwin Simcoe Ontario
Craig Cosby Dunnville Ontario
Waterford Ontario
Daniel Gray Paris Ontario
Danielle Gelinas Cambridge Ontario
Dariusz Lipinski Hannon Ontario
Denise Mackinnon Niagara falls Ontario
Devon Werner Lowbanks Ontario
Don Stoakley Niagara Falls Ontario
Eden De Giuli Caledonia Ontario
Ethan Dykstra Canborough Ontario
Hagersville Ontario
Florina Keller Hamilton Ontario
Gavin Pavey Sarnia Ontario
Greg Rae Brantford Ontario
Hannah Kurpe Beamsville Ontario
Burlington Ontario
Iyla Hauser Dunnville Ontario
Jackie Dewaard Hagersville Ontario
Jaclyn Bentley Welland Ontario
James Baillargeon Brantford Ontario
James Elschner MITCHELL Ontario
Jamie Gray Paris Ontario
Janet Bullen Caledonia Ontario
Jason Reles Port Colborne Ontario
Jaymie Valstar Dunnville Ontario
Ilderton Ontario
Jennifer Houston Smithville Ontario
Jennifer Mels Vanessa Ontario
Jennifer Smith st. catharines Ontario
Jesse Eckstein Kitchener Ontario
Lynden Ontario
Joanne Dunn Sarnia Ontario
Joey Fraelic Port Colborne Ontario
Julia Rush Wellandport Ontario
Karen Keszthelyi Welland Ontario
Kassandra Keszthelyi Welland Ontario
Fonthill Ontario
Guelph Ontario
Laura Marr Hagersville Ontario
Lauren Van Huizen Dunnville Ontario
Laurie Soder Burlington Ontario
Leandra Whalen Welland Ontario
Lindsey Oxland Grimsby Ontario
Lindsie Walker Welland Ontario
Lochlan Ridley Fonthill Ontario
Mark Griffin Kitchener Ontario
Meghan Scott Cambridge Ontario
Freelton Ontario
Melissa Morgan Oakville Ontario
Melissa Parsons York Ontario
Melissa Young simcoe Ontario
Fonthill Ontario
Michael Luska Welland Ontario
Michelle Thompson Cayuga Ontario
Monica DeBoer Selkirk Ontario
Natalie Gervais Blvd Ontario
Natalie Valstar Dunnville Ontario
Nicole Reles Port Colborne Ontario
Owen Van Huizen Dunnville Ontario
Patrick Henry Dunnville Ontario
Paul Rittner Caledonia Ontario
Peter Valstar Dunnville Ontario
Phil Hauser Dunnville Ontario
Ralph Barnes Dunnville Ontario
Reeve Hauser Dunnville Ontario
Richard Cantin Guelph Ontario
Ryan MAXWELL Dunnville Ontario
Samantha Dunn Woodstock Ontario
Samantha Lipinski Hannon Ontario
Sandra Rae Brantford Ontario
Sarah Tilstra Dunnville Ontario
Sharon Pauls Caledonia Ontario
Shawn Lee London Ontario
Sheri Styles Lowbanks Ontario
Stephanie Davidson Kitchener Ontario
Hagersville Ontario
Teresa Pitt CAYUGA Ontario
Tom Keszthelyi Welland Ontario
VICTORIA MAXWELL Dunnville Ontario
Will Horeis Oakville Ontario
Zachary Houston Smithville Ontario
Zachary mackinnon Hamilton Ontario
Michael Beijes Dundas Yukon

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