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Calvary Christian Academy

Wheres Franktown - 2019
5Km Run/Walk


Bib Number Name City Province
Carleton Place Ontario
Carleton Place Ontario
ada gorrie munster Ontario
Aimee Houle Carleton Place Ontario
AJ Bogora Smiths Falls Ontario
Amelia Stojdl Ottawa Ontario
AMY HASKILL Ottawa Ontario
Andrew Chamberlain Renfrew, Ontario Ontario
Anita Garvin Smiths Falls Ontario
brendan hynes ashton Ontario
Brian Bogora Smiths Falls Ontario
Bryson Haggett Smiths falls Ontario
Carter Moffatt Stittsville Ontario
Cathy O'Neil Bath Ontario
Chantal Piche Ottawa Ontario
Charlene Van Hofwegen Ottawa Ontario
Chris Moffatt Stittsville Ontario
Chunhui Chen Kanata Ontario
Cleopatra Smith Smiths Falls Ontario
Corey Turnbull Smiths Falls Ontario
Daniel Poole Stittsville Ontario
David Legault Smiths Falls Ontario
Diana Billings Carleton Place Ontario
Don Crowder smiths falls Ontario
Elaine Burnette Nepean Ontario
Elizabeth Masse Nepean Ontario
Elizabeth McHugh STITTSVILLE Ontario
Emily Poole Stittsville Ontario
Emma Moffatt Stittsville Ontario
Eric Van Hofwegen Ottawa Ontario
Erin Shuart Gatineau Quebec
Eva Rose Reid Ottawa Ontario
Frazer Smith Smiths Falls Ontario
Geoff Riggs Ottawa Ontario
Glen Lackey Smiths Falls Ontario
Heather Stone Vanier Ontario
Perth Road Ontario
Isaac Qiu Stittsville Ontario
Jacob McLean Smiths Falls Ontario
Jim Marr Ottawa Yukon
Jose Antunes Perth Ontario
Judd Sjolund Nepean Ontario
Justin Arsenault Smiths Falls Ontario
Katelyn Poole Stittsville Ontario
Kathy Bradley Ottawa Ontario
Kim Lackey Smiths Falls Ontario
Kimby Bogora Smiths Falls Ontario
Laura Johnstone Smiths Falls Ontario
Laura Keating ASHTON Ontario
Laurens Hagenaars Smiths Falls Ontario
Ashton Ontario
Leia Antunes Perth Ontario
Lisa Davis Nepean Ontario
Lorie Lavender Ottawa Ontario
Mark Czubak Smiths Falls Ontario
Mary Garvin Smiths Falls Ontario
Matias Del Rio Reategui Ottawa Ontario
Melanie Lewis Ottawa Yukon
Miriam Poole Stittsville Ontario
Molly Chamberlain Renfrew, Ontario Ontario
Myles Reid Ottawa Ontario
Nancy Legault Smiths Falls Ontario
Nancy Lepage Gatineau Quebec
Nancy Sweetnam Smiths Falls Ontario
Oscar Smith Smiths Falls Ontario
Owen Billings Carleton Place Ontario
Parker Levac Smiths Falls Ontario
pat hunter Smiths Falls Ontario
Piper Gaertner Ashton Ontario
Rebekah Poole Stittsville Ontario
Richard Coldrey Smiths Falls Ontario
Rick O'Shaughnessy Nepean Ontario
Rosanna Chamberlain Renfrew, Ontario Ontario
Ryan Bilton Lombardy Ontario
Samantha Sharp Ottawa Ontario
Stephen Korte Ottawa Ontario
Sue Longtin Smiths Falls Ontario
Suzanne O'Shea Perth Ontario
Sydney Eyamie CARLETON PLACE Ontario
Thomas Atkins Ottawa Ontario
Ashton Ontario
Willem Hagenaars Smiths Falls Ontario
Aeddan Thirlwall Carleton Place Ontario
Alice Loten Perth Ontario
Allison Weldon Balderson Ontario
Amy Schilke smiths Falls Ontario
Andreas Chen Ottawa Ontario
Angelica Adegbile Ottawa Ontario
Angelica Matasa Smiths Falls Ontario
Annalia Duval Smiths Falls Ontario
Bethany Cousins Carleton Place Ontario
Bethany Hogan Smiths Falls Ontario
Brayden Uhler Almonte Ontario
Caleb Bourne Smiths Falls Ontario
Carissa Yang Kanata Ontario
Christian Erwin Perth Ontario
Christina Anglin-Clarke Stittsville Ontario
Cindy Adegbile Ottawa Ontario
Coralie Gardiner Carleton Place Ontario
Dan Kruszelnicki Perth Ontario
Dan Schilke smiths Falls Ontario
Dana Hogan Smiths Falls Ontario
Daniel Schilke smiths Falls Ontario
Danny Gardiner Carleton Place Ontario
Danny Yang Kanata Ontario
Diana King Carleton Place Ontario
Doug Mahoney Battersea Ontario
Ebony Adegbile Ottawa Ontario
Elkan Yang Kanata Ontario
EllaKate Chapman Lombardy Ontario
Emmanual Adegbile Ottawa Ontario
Emmy Connor Smiths Falls Ontario
Erin Racine Carleton Place Ontario
Evan Cousins Carleton Place Ontario
Gabe Schilke smiths Falls Ontario
Gracie Connor Smiths Falls Ontario
Hailey Smuck Stittsville Ontario
Heidi West Smiths Falls Ontario
Isabella Coker Smiths Falls Ontario
Isaiah Connor Smiths Falls Ontario
Jackson Hobbs Smiths Falls Ontario
James Clarke Stittsville Ontario
Jason Goodger Kanata Ontario
Jim Connor Smiths Falls Ontario
Joey Beckett Balderson Ontario
Jonathan Lupick Smiths Falls Ontario
Joryn Erwin Perth Ontario
Jose Hernndez Ottawa Ontario
Joy Schilke smiths Falls Ontario
Karen Mahoney Battersea Ontario
Lee Thirlwall Carleton Place Ontario
Lee Fang Hsiao Ottawa Ontario
Liam Schilke smiths Falls Ontario
Livia Kruszelnicki Perth Ontario
Lori-Lynn Hynes Carleton Place Ontario
Lucy Racine Almonte Ontario
Marg Connor Port Hope Ontario
Melanie Coker Smiths Falls Ontario
Miriam Schilke smiths Falls Ontario
Nathanael Schilke smiths Falls Ontario
Olivia Coker Smiths Falls Ontario
Owen Cousins Carleton Place Ontario
Paul Racine Ottawa Ontario
Rachel Freeman Perth Ontario
Robert Pemberton Smiths Falls Ontario
Rosa Ascnio Ottawa Ontario
Sandy MacFarlane Almonte Ontario
Sarah Mainville Ashton Ontario
Sharon Connor Smiths Falls Ontario
ShuHui Hsieh Ottawa Ontario
Simon Salisbury Carleton Place Ontario
Sophia Chen Ottawa Ontario
Stephanie Rancourt Ottawa Ontario
Sydney Clarke Stittsville Ontario
Thomas Freeman Perth Ontario
Timothy Bourne Smiths Falls Ontario
Vander Hobbs Smiths Falls Ontario
Virginia Beckett Balderson Ontario
William Bourne Smiths Falls Ontario
Yong-Hsin Hsian Ottawa Ontario
Yuekang Yang Kanata Ontario
Yvonne Hobbs Smiths Falls Ontario

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