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Maple Hill Sap Run 2019
5KM Sap Run/Walk


Bib Number Name City Province
Michele Adema South River Ontario
Ayda Albert North Bay Ontario
Michelle Albert North Bay Ontario
Sam Albert North Bay Ontario
Madison Amyotte North Bay Ontario
Ken Anderson North Bay Ontario
Allison Bannister Chisholm Ontario
Shawn Barkey North Bay Ontario
Karen Bartraw Powassan Ontario
Shalyn Bartraw Powassan Ontario
Micheline Bedard North Bay Ontario
Tanya Belanger Mattawa Ontario
Robin Bell North Bay Ontario
sarah borlase Nipissing Ontario
Aryahn Brown Bonfield Ontario
Jackie Brown Bonfield Ontario
Laura Carriere North Bay Ontario
Susie Clugston Powassan Ontario
Diane Cole Powassan Ontario
Shannon Coyle POWASSAN Ontario
Holly Cunningham North Bay Ontario
Jeff Dagg Powassan Ontario
Kayla Daly North bay Ontario
jen dunford north bay Ontario
Kaitlin Elliott Powassan Ontario
Kelsey Ellis Powassan Ontario
Erin Fettes North Bay Ontario
Jill Fleming Powassan Ontario
Amy Forrest North Bay Ontario
Robin Forsythe Powassan Ontario
Karen Franz Callander Ontario
Brian Fricker North Bay Ontario
Brook Geisler Powassan Ontario
Jake Geisler Powassan Ontario
Jamie Geisler Powassan Ontario
Lisa Geisler Powassan Ontario
Jenny Gerow Sturgeon Falls Ontario
Mary Lou Gerow L'Amable Ontario
angela giddens north bay Ontario
Eliana giddens north bay Ontario
Paul giddens north bay Ontario
Violet Giddens North Bay Ontario
Catherine Girard Temiscaming Quebec
Jenn Giroux Powassan Ontario
Christine Golden Merleau Tilden Lake Ontario
Dean Grant Mattawa Ontario
Jenna Grasser Utopia Ontario
Kelsey Grasser Utopia Ontario
Melanie Grasser Utopia Ontario
Dawn Greco London Ontario
Frank Greco LONDON Ontario
Paul Greco powassan Ontario
Sara Greco Powassan Ontario
Krista Grozelle North Bay Ontario
Marie Haasen Shedden Ontario
Ashley Hawkins Orillia Ontario
Lisa Hotte Bonfield Ontario
Andrew Houghton POWASSAN Ontario
M Houghton POWASSAN Ontario
Patrick Houghton POWASSAN Ontario
S Houghton POWASSAN Ontario
Chris Jones Corbeil Ontario
Jacob Kirstein North Bay Ontario
Robynne L'Amis Trout Creek Ontario
Derica Lafrance POWASSAN Ontario
Elaine Langille Nipissing Ontario
Brian LeClair North Bay Ontario
Joanne LeClair North Bay Ontario
Anna Leppinen North Bay Ontario
Michelle LoRegio Callander Ontario
tony loregio Callander Ontario
Nick Macpherson Utopia Ontario
Micheline Mamone Astorville Ontario
Katie McCallum North Bay Ontario
Neil McCallum North Bay Ontario
Katrina Mccarrel Powassan Ontario
Kayla Mccarrel Powassan Ontario
Brayden mccready powassan Ontario
Dahlia McCready powassan Ontario
stacey mccready powassan Ontario
Angela McFadden Trout Creek Ontario
North Bay Ontario
North Bay Ontario
Leah Misener North Bay Ontario
North Bay Ontario
Cedar Montreuil North Bay Ontario
Logan Montreuil North Bay Ontario
Mandy Montreuil North Bay Ontario
Janice Moore North Bay Ontario
Merik Morley-Hotte Bonfield Ontario
North Bay Ontario
Nathalie Muirhead Powassan Ontario
Sara Nemec North Bay Ontario
Annycka Nicholls Nipissing Ontario
Nayomi Nicholls Nipissing Ontario
Maxine Noah Kipawa Quebec
Sheila Noah Kipawa Quebec
Lenlie O'Brien Trout Creek Ontario
Leslie O'Brien Trout Creek Ontario
Lisa O'Kane North Bay Ontario
Sean O'Kane ORILLIA Ontario
Andrew Odd Mississauga Ontario
Anne Odd Mississauga Ontario
Trina Odd Powassan Ontario
Lianne Paquette Callander Ontario
Jessica Pharand North Bay Ontario
Courtney Piper Powassan Ontario
Emmitt Reid Powassan Ontario
Cathy Rennie Corbeil Ontario
Campbell Robertson Callander Ontario
Donna Mae Robins Powassan Ontario
Owen Rueck Powassan Ontario
Linden Russell North Bay Ontario
Hannah Shira-Naimen North Bay Ontario
Nicole Slingerland Powassan Ontario
Chantale St Pierre Powassan Ontario
Candy St.Onge Sundridge Ontario
Sarah Stillar Powassan Ontario
Nadia Sullivan Corbeil Ontario
Adria Taylor Astorville Ontario
Kirk Tays Powassan Ontario
Linda Tracey North Bay Ontario
Cody Tran Astorville Ontario
Garrett Tran Astorville Ontario
Danielle Tripodi North Bay Ontario
Tiffany Tsuyuki Scarborough Ontario
Trista Turcotte North bay Ontario
Paulette Valliant Severn Ontario
Lauren Vietmeier North Bay Ontario
Brenda Walsh North Bay Ontario
Caitlin Warby Callander Ontario
Barb Warwick Powassan Ontario
Chelsea Webber Callander Ontario
Lydia Weiskopf-Tran Astorville Ontario
Jennifer Wieggers North Bay Ontario
Rowin Wieggers North Bay Ontario

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