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Dunnville Youth Impact Centre

Hauser's Whole Health Mudcat Marathon Weekend - 2019


Name Assigned Position Time Contact
Donna Blanke
Seani Bloss
David Bowden
Mary Burden
Linda Carter
Sheri Croxon
Sheri Croxon
Peter Dieleman
Valerie Dieleman
Jaydon Dool
John Eagle
Ron Edwards
Julia Hartless
Julia Hartless
toni hayes
Kate Head
Maureen Jones
Olivia jones
Roberta jones
stephen jones
George Kennedy
Jacqueline Kleniewski
heather laidlaw
Janice Lawther
Joyce Ludlow
Janice MacDonald
Katrina Middleton
Bill Mous
Jennifer Mous
Tamara Paton
Elaine Perry
Kim Plante
Kayla Richards
Diane Roy
Kiara Scholey
Danielle Schrock
Jeremy Solvsten
Maggie Solvsten
Nicole Terryberry
doug thomas
Annmarie Tucker
Brenda Zynomirski

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