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Scotiabank Cape to Cabot 20km Road Race


Name Assigned Position Time Contact
Elizabeth Adams
John Adams
John Angelopoulos
Selina Asgar
Christine Ash
Irene Barry
Irene Barry
Jessica Bishop
Sharon Brophy
Peter Browne
Andrew Burgess
Paul Caines
Ann Chafe
Mary Clarke
Glen Coates
Leah Coates
Eileen Collingwood
Jeff Collingwood
Bill Collins
Susan Copp
Douglas Cornick
Douglas Cornick
Heather Cornick
Leah Costello
Patrick Dalton
Janet Davis
Stephen Delaney
Bill Donovan
Ron Earles
Noreen Fardy
Conor Flanagan
Liam Flanagan
Marie Flanagan
Ryan Flanagan
Susan Flanagan
Gerard Fleet
David Foley
Shawn Gallant
Rob Gamberg
Jennifer Gill
Holly Grant
Pat Greene
Sherry Grewal
Debbie Hanlon
Colette Hardy
joan hartery
Shelley Hatcher
Linda Hensman
Brenda Holden
Danny Hong
Katie Hong
Heather Hopkins
Paul Hynes
Tom Jackman
Jill Kelly
Brian Kenny
Neala Kielley
Susan Kielley
Janice king
Paul Lahey
Ray Lawlor
Christopher Lee
Sandy Legge
Joan Mahon
Tony Mahon
Christiane Martin
Susan Martyn
Elizabeth Oliver
Don Osmond
John Outerbridge
Olivia Outerbridge
Heather Paul
blaine pearce
Tony Poole
Colin Power
Donna Power
Henry Power
Tara Power
emma ramsay
Geoff Redfern
Andrew Redmond
Greg Redmond
Shirley Roche
Beverly Ryan
Ginny Ryan
John Ryan
John Ryan
Juliette Ryan
Chris Schwartz
Mark Sexton
Dean Simon
karen stacey
Nikki Street
Adam Sullivan
George Tapper
Debbie Tulk
Vanessa Vincent
Brian Walsh
Susan Whitten
Patsy Yetman

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