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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I fundraise for a charity for this event?
Although fundraising is not required, you may do so in order to travel for free! We work with three different charities including Crohn's and Colitis Canada, the Junior Achievement Foundation and the MS Society of Canada. And, we are able to work with a charity not listed. Contact Dream Travel for details on how you can travel for free!

How much do I need to fundraise?
This depends on your particular package, but it is roughly three times the cost of your package to meet Canadian law.

When do I have to have my fundraising completed by?
As we understand that it takes time to fundraise, the deadline to raise the full amount won't be until October 15, 2019.

What are the minimum three nights we have to stay?
You may stay any three nights although the majority of the group will stay Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights in order to get to the expo and so that you won't have to check out prior to running the marathon.

Can I stay at a different hotel?
We have contracts with the hotels listed on the Pricing Page, therefore we are unable to offer different properties.

Do I have to book my own airfare?
Not at all. Our partner agency UNIGLOBE LGI Travel can book flights for anyone purchasing either a Runner or a Spectator package and note that there are no service fees. Rates are guaranteed to be the lowest available at the time of booking.

Are these prices in CAD or USD?
US Dollars.
Are there transfers from the airport to the hotel?
Although transfers are not included, transportation from any of the four airports servicing NYC is as little as $23USD per direction for shuttle service.

Do you have triple and quadruple rates?
We do, please inquire with Dream Travel for exact rates based on your needs.

What's the weather like?
Average November temperatures in NYC float around +12 degrees Celsius. However, it is not uncommon to be freezing in the mornings and as high as +20 during the days. However, due to the lack of sunlight in Manhattan (because of the tall buildings) expect cooler weather.

I'm traveling solo – can you assist me with finding a roommate to save money?
Dream Travel will assist you in finding a same-sex roommate but we can't guarantee that we can find you someone. That said, typically anyone who registers prior to July is matched up and the earlier you register the better the odds.

I see transportation is included to the start line on race day morning. How does that work?
Runners are given a few different options and departure times based on their estimated marathon completion time. Options typically include bus from Bryant Park in Midtown Manhattan or ferry from the Whitehall Ferry Terminal downtown.

Is there shelter available around the start area?
There are open tents that will keep the rain off, however wind will still blow through. Therefore, we highly suggest wearing old warm clothing over your running gear, to Staten Island, which you can discard before the start of the race. Volunteers will pick up discarded clothing and distribute it among New York's homeless population

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