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Edmonton Hypothmeric Half Marathon 2022
Frequently Asked Questions:


Q - Will there be water stations?

A - We encourage all participant to carry their own hydration/nutrition for the event. We will have limited self-serve water stations.

Q - Will you allow for 72 hour negative tests or do all participants have to be double vaccinated?

A - All eligible participants must show proof of vaccination
If you have a medical exemption, you must provide us with a doctor’s note confirming the exemption and a negative rapid antigen result 48 hours prior to event day.

Q - When do you check for vaccination?

A - We will check at race kit pickup and once checked, we will put a sticker on your bib as valiadaiton. Volunteers at the start line only let people in that have the sticker placed on the bib, If you have selected Direct Shipping for your package you will be required to show proof of vaccination on race day at a specified location.

Q - What will the start line look like?

A - We are planning to have waves of 100. Waves for every 2 minutes.

Q - What kind of mask rules can I expect?

A - Participants will wear masks/balaclava/scarf at the pre-race, start & finish line.
Face coverings (Masks, balaclava's or scarfs0 must be worn Inside Highlands Golf Club at all times. No masks required while running/on course.
Staff and Volunteers are required to wear masks at all times


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