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The Secret 3K - 2022

Running, Walking and Working Together for Equality

Event Information

Wednesday March 9th, 2022
Virtual Run - Participate from anywhere in the world.

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We want to let you in on a secret. In 2015 for the first time ever, a marathon was held in Afghanistan, a marathon that both men and women were able to participate in but they had to keep it a secret. Why? There are still places in the world where women are not allowed to run or walk outside. However, a community in Afghanistan is courageously carving out a new way forward for the next generation. By creating safe races they are helping to create safe places. We want to help.

Join us for The Secret 3K run/walk. Held on the week of International Women's Day, this race celebrates our right to be free to run. We're inviting everyone to come together in solidarity supporting the right all humans should have to walk or run free of fear in their community.

By participating you are helping us to build safe and inclusive spaces that promote gender equality with the help of our charity partners, The Afghan Sports Trust, 261 Fearless, and the Canadian Women for the Women in Afghanistan.

Applicants can make a contribution to Afghan Sports Trust when registering for the event.

  • Level 1 - $10
  • Level 2 - $20
  • Level 3 - $50
  • Level 4 - $100

If you would like to donate directly to the Marathon of Afghanistan, you may do so through the Afghan Sports Trust - Click here.

*Please note, charitable tax receipts will not be issued for donations.

Make a difference by signing up to participate in The Secret 3K and inviting a friend to join you today.

To learn more about The Secret Marathon documentary film and our partners please visit

To purchase a copy of the Secret Marathon by Martin Parnell - Click Here



Individual - 3K Register Now!
Until March 9th $15

Team Registration - 2 Options

Family Team Captain / Family Team Member - 3K * Register Now!
Until March 9th $15
10 - 30 Members School Groups 3K** Register Now!
Until March 9th $150 for 10 + $15 for additional member

  • Online Registration closes 11:59 P.M. Wednesday March 9th, 2022
  • Team Registration - 2 Options
  • Family Team Captain / Family Team Member - 3K
  • *The Family Team Captain must register first and invite the members to join up!
  • Captains who register for the team events will be sent a password to invite members to register to join their team. Click here for more info.
  • 10 - 30 Members School Groups 3K**
  • For Groups of 10 - 30 students. minimum of 10 students for $150 / maximum of 30. $15 for additional member
  • Teacher registers the school group for the 3K event, enters the names of the students at point of registration.

Optional Event Shirts

  • Unisex Long Sleeve Technical Shirt with Logo: $ 35
  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Beanie with Logo -$30
  • Buff with Logo - $15


Virtual Race Details

We encourage you to participate at a time and place that allows you to remain safe. You may complete your 3K run/walk any time on March 2nd and may choose your own route

Donations will be collected through the Afghan Sports Trust which is a registered charity in the UK. As the Afghan Sports Trust does not have charitable status in Canada, charitable receipts will not be issued.

This year's event is 100% virtual. Please ensure that you follow the COVID-19 regulations appropriate to your geographic location.

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Learn More

To learn more about The Secret Marathon documentary film and the Marathon of Afghanistan please visit


In 2016, while filming the second ever "Marathon of Afghanistan," the film team of The Secret Marathon became inspired by the Afghan people and their ability to use the race as a catalyst to reclaim a lost space which provided an opportunity for everyone regardless of gender, age or income to run. Upon returning to Canada, the film team discovered that Canadians don't always feel safe to run at night or in their specific community. Many citizens in this country feel it is too uncomfortable or even dangerous to run, despite our relative safety. The film team wondered if it would be possible to use the same method used in Afghanistan to reclaim a "safe space" for excluded Canadians. Garnering support from The Running Room and Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan, the "Secret Marathon 3K" was born.

The Secret Marathon film is now streaming live on Vimeo!

See this heartwarming story of the first women to run a marathon in Afghanistan and their fight for equality and freedom. Click Here to view!

If you’ve seen the film before and loved it, please take a moment to hop over to the Vimeo link and add a like on Vimeo and even better yet, leave a comment with your review of the film. Each like, comment and view helps us get one step closer to sharing this important story of hope with more people. 

Want to share about it on social media? Here’s a sample post:

Exciting news! @TheSecretMarathon film is now streaming live on Vimeo. See this heartwarming story of the first women to run a marathon in Afghanistan and their fight for equality and freedom.


To create a yearly event coinciding with International Women's Day that celebrates every person's right and freedom to safety, to education and to move freely in their community.


Contact Information

For more information please contact Tarra Williamson


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If you have questions or comments, please contact your Race Director.

Have a great Race!

Fundraising and Donations view more ▶

All donations go towards the Marathon of Afghanistan.

The Marathon of Afghanistan was the first international marathon to take place in the Afghanistan and has been held each year since 2015. The event is open to women and men, international and Afghan, people from all ethnic groups and provinces. The race takes place in Bamyan province, a beautiful valley in the Hindu Kush which is a UNESCO world heritage site and has long been one of the safest provinces in the country.

With close to 800 runners competing in the Marathon and associated 10km and 1km races, the Marathon of Afghanistan has reached the limit of runners it can manage with the current pen and paper timing system. Yet there are hundreds each year who want to run but they do not have capacity. Your donation will be used to allow the Marathon of Afghanistan to purchase a simple electronic timing system to allow many more runners to experience the joys and freedom of competing at the races. Donations will also be used towards subsidizing the cost for Afghans located outside of the region to be able to participate and to support the race's continued growth as a gender equitable event.

The Marathon of Afghanistan receives charitable contributions through the Afghan Sports Trust which is a registered charity in the UK. As the Afghan Sports Trust is not a registered Canadian charity, no charitable receipts will be issued.

For more information about the Marathon of Afghanistan please visit:

To learn more about the Afghan Sports Trust please visit:

In addition, 1/3 of our race fee goes towards supporting the Marathon of AfghanistanCanadian Women for Women in Afghanistan, Girl Guides of Canada261 Fearless and subsidized school screenings of The Secret Marathon.

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