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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I participate in just the safari or just the hike up Mt. Kilimanjaro?
Yes, you may pick and choose as you wish. Packages and prices are set up to reflect the different options.

Do I have to run one of the races?
You may elect to run, walk or spectate a race, or stay poolside sipping drinks at the hotel or head out and do your own thing.

Why is tipping customary on the hike and the safari?
Once you’re on Mt. Kilimanjaro and you watch porters haul up all your gear (with the exception of your day pack), chairs, tents, food, water and everything else you require to be comfortable, you’ll understand. Porters work for minimum wage and work very hard for you to make sure you have a fantastic trip.  The same goes for the safari.

Can I pay the tips in advance?
You’re not able to pay it in advance as you’ll be giving cash directly to the guides so that they can divvy up the money properly.

Is Tanzania safe?

Absolutely!  Tanzania is very safe, the people very friendly and besides, you’ll be in a group setting the entire time unless you leave the hotel on your own.

Will I see the Big 5 on the safari?
Although you’ll never hear someone guarantee that you see the “Big 5” (lions, rhinos, elephants, buffalo and leopards), we have seen each of these animals every time we go. On top of that, you’ll see zebras, monkey’s, water buffalo, hippo’s, giraffe’s, wildebeest, hyenas, baboons, warthogs, more than 500 species of birds including flamingos, and hundreds more!

How is the food in Tanzania?
The food is fantastic, and choice of meat dishes or vegetarian and vegan dishes are possible. During the hike and safari, a personal chef will prepare the meals and they won’t disappoint! During your free time, there are plenty of restaurants with a wide variety of choices. We do recommend that you supplement your lunches on both the hike up Kilimanjaro and the safari with your own snacks as these will be boxed lunches.  The tour will stop at a grocery store before setting out on the safari and hike.

What clothes/gear should I bring?
Dream Travel will send everyone a comprehensive list of items to bring and what to leave at home, as well as clothing suggestions.

Do I need special gear to hike up Kilimanjaro?

Not at all.  You do need a good pair of hiking shoes/boots that have been broken in, then proper clothing. Nothing else is required as it’s not a technical climb, it’s a hike.

Can I rent poles, jackets, etc for the hike instead of bringing the from home?
Absolutely. Dream Travel will provide a list of items available to rent and their prices.

May I bring my children?
You may, and depending on their age, there will be receive a discounted price. The minimum age to hike up Kilimanjaro is 10.

Can anyone hike up Mt. Kilimanjaro?
We have seen children as young as 10 (minimum age) hiking up Mt. Kilimanjaro and people late into their 80’s.  

How fit do I need to be to hike up Mt. Kilimanjaro?
This is a difficult question to answer as it’s not just about fitness. Some days the hike is long, but it is never fast, it’s always “pole pole” (pronounced pole-y, pole-y) which means “slowly slowly”.  We have had clients of all fitness levels hike up Kilimanjaro.

Can I stay longer than the itinerary calls for?
Yes, you may stay longer if you wish, come in a few days earlier to get over jetlag or do both.  You may even want to consider flying to Zanzibar after the group tour ends and get some R&R on the beach!

What money do they use in Tanzania?
Tanzanian shillings are used locally, but many restaurants and souvenir shops will accept credit cards or US Dollars.  Leave your CAD Dollars at home as it won’t be accepted.

Are there things that I should be aware of while on the hike or the safari?
Dream Travel will provide a comprehensive list of things to consider as well as rules of conduct while on safari or hiking.

What’s the weather like?
Typically in February and March the weather ranges from 20 to 30 degrees between day and night.  It’s dry and warm, so quite comfortable.

Are there a lot of bugs?
Surprisingly not at all! 

Will my cellphone work there?
It will but even with a “good” roaming plan, you’ll pay too much.  You can pick up a local sim card for cheap.

Will I have any free time?
Between the hike and the safari you’ll have three evenings to do your own thing, and one or two full days depending on whether your run or not.

Creating a Race?

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