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The Pasta Party at Paradiso sponsored by Omni Foot Clinic!
Omnifoot Clinic

PASTA PARTY at Paradiso Restaurant sponsored by OMNI FOOT CLINIC

Join us Saturday, February 28, 2009 from 4:30 - 6:30 p.m.

Celebrate our thirteenth race year with the annual Pasta Party at Paradiso Restaurant, located at Pine and Elizabeth Streets in the Village Square, Burlington, Ontario.

The cost is only $30.00 (with tax and gratuity) and includes salad, choice of homemade pasta, and dessert. There will also be special guest speakers. See below to view our pasta party speakers!

Please note: The Pasta Party at Paradiso Restaurant is open to everyone, but there is a 120 person limit, so you must register early. Click here to register for the Pasta Party at Paradiso sponsored by Omni Foot Clinic.

Pasta Party at Paradiso sponsored by Omni Foot Clinic Speakers

dave howlett

Dave Howlett:
Dave Howlett is a highly regarded professional speaker who has spoken in front of corporate and sports audiences across North America. His talks are filled with life, laughter and lessons learned from "pounding the pavement."

Dave came to running later in life. As a rapidly-widening 34 year old guy, Dave made the mistake of getting engaged to an active woman. Trying to keep up with her, he has now completed 14 marathons and 4 Ironman competitions and also teaches a marathon class (Howlett's Heavy Breathers).

Dave's philosophy of education through laughter will calm your nerves before the big day, give you some great tips for how to keep going and help you stay smiling until the finishing line!

lee scott Lee Scott:
Originally trained as a mechanical engineer, Lee has worked in the fitness industry for more than 15 years and developed the WoW Power Walking program as a way for people to challenge themselves with a great walking workout. With her WoW Power Walking coaches, she has trained hundreds of people to power walk for fun, fitness and marathons. She has been a featured expert in magazines, on television, and at fitness and health conferences. Lee believes that life is better when we get outside and when we challenge our bodies and our brains.
joanne shields Joanne Shields:
Prior to running, Joanne Shields had a serious weight problem and had dieted her entire life. She lost over 100 lbs, but that is just the beginning of her remarkable story. Her husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer, her father passed away with lung cancer, her brother in-law died from Leukemia and her mother was killed by a drunk driver, all within her short running career and yet she continued to run – and with a huge smile and incredible attitude. To date she has completed 22 marathons, seven Ironman Distance Triathlons and many other races. Come hear her inspirational story.
mark sullivan

Mark Sullivan:
Mark Sullivan has been a guest speaker at race events throughout the U.S. and Canada. He has written numerous articles on running and training, and has been featured in various running
publications, newspapers, and television programs.

Mark has also completed over 132 marathons with an average time under 3 hours, including 22 consecutive Boston Marathons! And, although, he will run as many as 4 marathons within the same month, he never suffers from overuse injuries. Mark will share with you some of his specialized training methods which have helped him, and the athletes he coaches, stay injury-free


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Get information on the HSBC 2009 Chilly Half Marathon and Frosty in Burlington, ON


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