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Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan

The Secret Marathon 3K

Running, Walking and Working Together for Equality

Event Information

Wednesday March 7, 2018 / 6:30 P.M. /
10 Select Cities - Victoria, Vancouver, Kelowna, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Kingston, Peterborough, Toronto, Ottawa


We want to let you in on a secret. In 2015 for the first time ever, a marathon was held in Afghanistan, a marathon that both men and women were able to participate in but they had to keep it a secret. Why? There are still places in the world where women are not allowed to run or walk outside. However, a community in Afghanistan is courageously carving out a new way forward for the next generation. By creating safe races they are helping to create safe places. We want to help.

Join us for The Secret Marathon 3K run/walk. Held on the eve of International Women's Day, this race celebrates our right to be free to run. We're inviting men and women to come together in solidarity supporting the right all humans should have to walk or run free of fear in their community.

This is the first ever Secret Marathon 3K and it is an exciting partnership between The Running Room, Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan (CW4WAfghan) and The Secret Marathon documentary film. By participating you are helping us to share the story through film and by making a donation you are helping to further the work of Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan. Together we can empower women and girls through education and sport.

Make a difference by signing up to participate in The Secret Marathon 3K and inviting a friend to join you today.

To learn more about The Secret Marathon documentary film and our partners please visit


The Secret Marathon 3K Register Now!
Until Mar 7 $15
Team 3K * Register Now!
Until Mar 7 $30 + $15 for additional member
  • Race day registration is available at site.
  • * Team with a minimum of 2 members for $30 and maximum of 10.
    Each additional member pays $15 after the 2nd team member.


Schedule of Events

Registration Check-In: 5.30pm-6:30pm
Please join us to check-in if you have registered in advance or to sign-up for day-of-registration. Upon check-in all recipients will receive a specialized keepsake wristband to wear for the duration of the race.

Race Starts: 6:30pm
Runners escorted to start line to complete a 3km race/walk. The course will be an out and back with a halfway turnaround point marked at 1.5km. Please note that there will not be washrooms or water stations along the route.

Celebration: 6:45pm -7:30pm
Join us post race for refreshments and Afghan celebration and learn more about the work of Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan and The Secret Marathon documentary film.

Race Information and Times

  • The Secret Marathon 3K : Wednesday March 7, 2018 @ 6:30 P.M.

Learn More

To learn more about The Secret Marathon documentary film and the Marathon of Afghanistan please visit


In 2016, while filming the second ever "Marathon of Afghanistan," the film team of The Secret Marathon became inspired by the Afghan people and their ability to use the race as a catalyst to reclaim a lost space which provided an opportunity for everyone regardless of gender, age or income to run. Upon returning to Canada, the film team discovered that Canadians don't always feel safe to run at night or in their specific community. Many citizens in this country feel it is too uncomfortable or even dangerous to run, despite our relative safety. The film team wondered if it would be possible to use the same method used in Afghanistan to reclaim a "safe space" for excluded Canadians. Garnering support from The Running Room and Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan, the "Secret Marathon 3K" was born.


To create a yearly event coinciding with International Women's Day that celebrates every person's right and freedom to safety, to education and to move freely in their community.


Contact Information

For more information please contact Kate McKenzie


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Fundraising and Donations view more ▶

If you would like to make a donation in addition to your race fee we have selected the charity partner, Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan (CW4WAfghan). The goal of Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan is to ensure effective long-term sustainable education programs for Afghan women and their families and to engage Canadians as global citizens. Tax receipts will be issued for donations of $20 or more. To learn more about CW4WAfghan, please visit

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  • What is the Secret?
    • The route of the original run, the 2016 Marathon of Afghanistan, had to be kept a secret in order to keep everyone, including the runners, organizers, and supporters, safe. The route for the runs continue to be kept a secret to help remind us that there are women and men every day who face great risks doing something as simple as running or walking. The most powerful secret, and the one we should openly share, is that as individuals and communities we have the ability to come together to end inequality by participating in or just supporting this great event.
  • Is this run just for women?
    • This run is gender and age inclusive supporting the universal human right to move freely in our community. We invite all persons to join us in creating communities where everyone feels safe to go for a run or a walk regardless of their gender, race, religion or ability.
  • Is the race fee going towards charity?
    • The race fee will support production of The Secret Marathon film as well as covering the expenses of the race. The film will provide the opportunity to share the story of the Afghan Marathon and the courageous men and women who were part of the race. The film's goal is to raise awareness about issues of equality, but it is not a charity. Learn more at
      Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan (CW4WAfghan) is a charity whose work encompasses empowering women and girls through education. Donations to CW4WAfghan provide charity tax benefits and can be made upon race registration or at the race itself where CW4WAfghan will be present.
  • Why are military invited to this race?
    • In the Marathon of Afghanistan the military helps to keep participants safe from terrorist attack. We have invited members of the Canadian military to participate in our race to remind us of the privilege we have as Canadians to be in a country free from war and to acknowledge the service that many military members have made towards Afghanistan.
  • Is this a family friendly race?
    • We welcome families to participate in the race/walk and those wishing to participate with strollers, wagons or dogs may do so, being mindful of the other participants. We hope the event will be a wonderful discussion starter for families to talk about global issues together.
  • Will this race be chipped or timed?
    • This race will not be chipped or timed. The focus of the race is to build community and raise awareness. It is meant to be an accessible race with a distance that is accessible for as many people as possible.
  • What if I can't participate in this race, is there a way to be involved?
    • We welcome individuals to help us as volunteers in providing guidance to participants, greeting participants and helping with set-up and take down. If you are interested in volunteering please email us at We also welcome support in the form of donations.
  • Can my company be involved?
    • We welcome partnerships with local businesses and organizations who would like to support the event. If your company is interested in being our local food, beverage or venue sponsor please contact us at with subject line "Partnership Secret Marathon 3K."
  • Will there be a post race event?
    • Each location will have a different post race event. Some of our locations may feature cultural dances or musical performances. Our goal is to have tea served, in each location. As tea is traditionally served in Afghanistan as way to welcome others, sharing tea together at the post race event will provide a symbolic way to break down barriers and stereotypes and build stronger communities dedicated to creating spaces where everyone feels free.
  • What is the hashtag for this event?
    • #TheSecretMarathon
  • What if I don't live near one of the cities but want to hold my own Secret Marathon 3K?
    • For individuals and groups who can't get to one of the 10 cities but want to hold a Secret Marathon 3k at 6.30pm Wednesday, March 7th we have established a "Virtual Location" registration option. By using this option we will be able to see the support, around the world, for this incredible event.

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