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Runnning Room

On Location


Accommodations available within Cypress Hills are at the Cypress Park Resort Inn, which offers hotel rooms, cabins and condominiums. Discount rates are available for race participants as follows:
  • Hotel room (2 people) - $75
  • One bedroom cabin (2 people) - $65
  • Two bedroom cabin (4 people) - $75
  • Standard condo (4 people) - $95
  • Deluxe condo (6 people) - $140

    To make a reservation, please call (306) 662-4477.
Fall camping is also available within the park. Call the park office at (306) 662-5411.

Maple Creek (20 minutes from the Cypress Hills) offers hotel and motel accommodation as well.

Proceeds to the Maple Creek New Rink Committee

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